7 Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Sales

pool sales

Are you already dreaming about how cool your house is going to look after the pool installation is complete? Even before you are done dealing with the pool sales professionals and all the formalities, you start having such thoughts. Don’t you?

But at the same time, some questions pop up in your head and seem too basic to be asked. Those questions are the ones that are the frequently asked questions about pool sales. And today, we’re going to answer seven of them to clear your head off some confusions and point you to the right way to go on with pool purchase and installation.

1. What kind of pool should I go for?

It depends on the size of your yard, your budget and the type of use you intend to do. There are different types of pools suitable for various kinds of requirements. Our post about different types of pools may help to find the right one.

2. What are the most popular pool sizes?

pool sales pool size

The average pool size is decreasing because of the space crunch in big cities. They are influenced by use (commercial or domestic), total outdoor space, budget, the position of water mains and topography of the land.

Above Ground average pool sizes

Round: The average size lies between 12 ft to 30 ft

Oval: The average sizes are 12 ft by 24 ft, 15 ft by 24 ft, 15 ft by 30 ft and 18 ft by 33 ft

Inground standard pool sizes

12 ft by 24 ft, 14 ft by 28 ft and 24 ft by 44 ft to name a few.

3. How big my yard should be to have a pool? 

While many pool sales professionals would give you an exact number for this, we believe it depends on how creative you get with pool installation. We have seen amazing pools in much smaller than the recommended yard area.

The pool must be placed at least 12 – 15 feet from the backdoor to your yard.

4. What’s the average cost for pool installation?

Expect to pay anything between $25000 – $50000 for a basic pool. Any additional features would cost extra. The average cost varies with the type of pool.

For example, the mean value for a fiberglass pool is approximate $18000, for gunite pool is $20000, for above ground pool is $5000 and for vinyl siding pool is $15500.

pool sales cost

5. What’s the estimated age of pool?

It depends upon on your initial investment, the kind of pool you have and how you maintain it. Some pool sales companies offer guarantees for the pool that are a good way to guess the age of the pool.

6. What are the pool maintenance costs? 

It’s around $100 per month but varies with the size and the kind of service you hire. We would recommend you not to be frugal when dealing with pool maintenance for usually saved pennies on maintenance of pool lead to an enormous expenditure and inconvenience.

7. Why should I install NSF listed filters in my pool?

It is required by law in most of the states. All the filtration systems must hold the NSF mark for it indicates that the filter product doesn’t add any harmful substances to the water.

These are the most frequently asked questions from pool sales professionals and that’s why thought it would be a good idea to list of all of them in one place. It would save a lot of your time and effort and help you carry on the purchase smoothly.

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Let us know if there is some other question about pool sales which you’re feeling curious about. We will be happy to help.

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