A Quick Guide To Pool Service And Maintenance In Winter

Pool Service

Are you confused about what to do with your beautiful pool in winter? How are you supposed to take care of that? What are the options you can go for? Which is the option best suitable for you?

If you want answers to all these questions, keep reading this quick guide to pool service and maintenance in winter.

There are two options. Either you can completely close your pool, or you can keep it working all around the year. Let us tell you about the pros and cons of each option and how to implement these options.

Option 1: Shutting down the pool?

While many owners think that closing down the pool in the winter is the best choice, it is far from the truth. In case, the pool service and maintenance cost is too much for you to handle, only then you should think of shutting down the pool.

That is because an unused pool can create a plethora of issues like:

  • Jammed pool equipment: Pumps and Motors may get jammed when left unused. This kind of equipment is designed to operate continuously throughout the year. You may shut them off for a while but if you leave them unused for an entire season, they won’t be able to work again without proper repair work.
  • Chemical levels in the pool: Maintaining chemical levels is another huge issue. It becomes difficult to maintain chemical levels in a pool that’s not in use. Any kind of fluctuation in the chemical level would harm the overall finish of the pool.

Thus, we would recommend you not to shut down the pool and rather go for regular pool service and maintenance in winter but if you still want to do it, you must make sure you winterize it properly and get it chemically treated before shutting it down.

For winterization of the pool, consider hiring an expert local pool service in your area. They can suggest the best method of winterization of the pool for you and execute it in a smooth manner.

Option 2: Operating the pool even during the winters

Pool Service Equipment

This option provides some advantages. Apart from overcoming the disadvantages posed by a closed pool, you can also enjoy poolside dinners or reading time during moderate temperatures. That allows you to keep using the space around your pool 365 days a year.

To maintain a pool in such conditions, we would recommend you to hire a professional pool service for you obviously don’t want to spend every weekend picking up the leaves or stepping into the cold water. Do you?

Make sure you devise a weekly maintenance schedule for the pool. If that’s not feasible with your budget, go for bi-weekly or a monthly cleaning schedule.

In case, you’re trying to find a nice local pool service in your area, try same day pros. Through our uber-like technology, we allow you to find the best same day service providers in your area. Try it.

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