Cheat Sheet for Hiring Pressure Washing Companies

Pressure washing companies

Are you looking for pressure washing companies to deal with the cleaning needs of your home or commercial space? Pressure washing or power washing is an excellent way of cleaning off dirt from the buildings. The kind of results you get from this cleaning method is ecstatic.

But results depend on whom you hire. If you pick up a right company, it’s all good for you but if you fail to do that, you’re in for a lot of troubles. Today, we decided to help you a bit in shortlisting the best pressure washing companies in your area. That’s why we created this cheat sheet. Let us know if you find this helpful.

Why exactly you need to hire?

Whenever we talk about home improvement, most of the property owners are inclined to go the DIY way. They think hiring a professional is an unnecessary expenditure. Think again!

To hire the right pressure washing company, you must be able to understand the importance of doing so.

pressure washing companies equipment

  1. Quality equipment: For good results, you require a heavy duty pressure washer. A standard domestic machine cannot bear the load of cleaning your entire property and thus might blow up while you’re at work. Therefore considering buying a pressure washer is a mere wastage of money whereas pressure washing companies already come equipped with the best quality tools required for the job. The variety of tools needed to remove different kinds of dirt and moulds is a good enough reason to go for professionals. Isn’t it?
  2. Safety: If you still think, you can do it yourself, you must know that pressure washing can be dangerous. An accident can lead to severe injuries and huge damage to your property as well. The overall cost of which would be much more than the one you need to bear by hiring a company to do the task for you. Would you still want to go the DIY way?
  3. Experience: A company professional is well experienced with the job. He knows how to work. What’s the right technique? Where should he start from? How to remove the mold and prevent it from coming back? No, you cannot get rid of mild by just painting over them. They keep growing until you use special chemicals to remove them. This and a lot more is the kind of knowledge pressure washing companies possess. Are you getting our point now?
  4. Time: Seriously, do you have time to spend hours on cleaning your house? With loads of work already in your hand, it would be catastrophic to take up this task as well. We would recommend you not do it, but the final choice is, of course, yours. Now, if you’re satisfied with our answer on why you need to look for pressure washing companies, read on to find out the average costs and the basic tips for hiring a real professional.

Average cost of hiring pressure washing companies

The average cost of hiring power washing services lies between $250-$500+. Certain factors affect the value like:

  1. The size of your property.
  2. The location of your property. Is it easily reachable?
  3. The design of your property. How much effort would they have to make to get around the area?
  4. Billing structure you choose.
  5. The average rates in your locality.

Tips on hiring the right pressure washing company

pressure washing companies working on domestic project

To be straight forward, you don’t need to know much to hire a good company for pressure washing services. Here’s the little you must know.

Questions to ask from the company

All you require is to seek answers to some questions like:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. What’s your experience?
  3. What kind of equipment and chemicals do you use? Are they environment-friendly?
  4. Can you provide some references?
  5. What type of cleaning process do you follow?
  6. What’s the estimated cost for the work?
  7. How long will it take to get the job done?
  8. What are you working hours?
  9. Which professionals would be working on your project?

Right places to look for pressure washing companies


We missed a point. In a hurry to tell you about the most important questions you must ask for a better hiring decision, we forgot to tell you where to look. Here are some ways you can use to find pressure washing companies in your locality.

  1. Ask your friends and families: They’re the best people to advise you on this. If they have ever hired pressure washing services before, they can help you. You must also ask your neighbours for references.
  2. Find them on Same Day Pros: You can also use our uber-like technology driven platform to locate pressure washing companies in your area. We try our best to list the top ones in the field and, therefore, save you from negotiating with little-established companies.
  3. Individual websites: Once you have a little idea about the companies available in your area, try to check their website as well. That would give you a better idea of the enterprise.

Tasks you can hire for

Are you unsure if your work comes under services provided by power washing companies? Check this list of services covered under pressure washing.

  1. Pool and wood decks
  2. Residential areas – houses
  3. Driveways and fences
  4. Screened enclosures and mobile homes
  5. Commercial sites and office buildings
  6. Storefronts, stadiums, restaurants and schools.
  7. Apartments and condos
  8. Parking garages and chemical roof cleaning

Tips and advice

Last but not the least, we’re going to share our information to help you pick the best pressure washing service for yourself.

  1. Make sure you hire a licensed and insured company
  2. Try to go for the business that offers the middle quote, not the lowest one
  3. Read the contract carefully and get it signed before beginning the work
  4. Make sure the contract has everything written in a precise manner. What’s the area that would be covered? What’s the cost? What’s the guarantee status?
  5. Check online reviews of the company you’re planning to hire Everything you required to know about hiring pressure washing companies has been explained in this post.

Did we miss something? Ask us and we will make sure we answer that question as soon as possible.

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