Local Pressure Washing Companies

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Is your local professional pressure washing company licensed and properly insured?
Make sure to see all the appropriate local bushiness licenses and make sure you local professional pressure washing company has all the right liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Check your pressure washing professional local references and online reviews?
Ask for references from your local same day pressure washing service provider. Get referrals from family, friends and neighbors. Also check online reviews.

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Does the pressure washing company have a web site?
This is a good indication if the pressure washing company is a reliable reputable company or a fly by night pressure washing company

Who does the pressure washing work? 
Does the owner oversee the work. Or does he hire pressure washing sub contractors.
Does your pressure washing company use low- pressure to wash houses? 
Low and high pressure should both be used. The pressure should be able to be regulated.

Does the pressure washing company use environmentally friendly soaps? 
Always try to use environmentally safe solutions that are safe for children, pets and your landscape. Beware of companies that use dish soap or laundry detergents as these liquids can damage your home.

Does your pressure washing company belong to any professional industry organizations?
It’s always a plus if your local professional pressure washing service belongs to a pressure washing trade origination.

Does your pressure washing company use professional grade equipment?
Make sure you local pressure washing company has professional equipment and not equipment that was purchased at your local department store.

Make sure your local pressure washing company shows up in a marked vehicle!
Most fly by night and scams will use their personal vehicle.

Ask you local pressure washer for identification!
As with any service professional you are inviting into your home always make sure they are in uniform and ask to see their identification.

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