4 Super Easy Steps to Install #MetalRoof!

Metal Roof Installation

Metal is more durable when compared to the other roofing materials. In fact, it can be installed on any roof, which is not flat.

But the main question always remains ‘how to install metal roof?

Metal roof installation is simple and you can save tons if you decide to do it yourself.

Metal roof costs approximately $250 per square.

If you want to DIY, the average cost for installing a metal roof would be around $4,000.

The cost is far less than getting it installed by a contractor.

On an average, professional metal roof installation costs $12,236.

4 Super Easy Steps for Metal Roof Installation

Measure the area of the roof to be installed and get the materials.

Then follow the steps mentioned below to install metal roof:

1. Remove the Old Roof

It’s recommended to remove the old roof and then install the metal roof.

After you remove the old roof, the plywood sheathing or roof frame will be exposed.

Fix the damages to the sheathing, ventilation or insulation.

2. Add Insulation

To prevent moisture from getting blocked between the metal roof and the sheathing, add a layer of insulation in between.

Cover the roof with a roofing felt and secure it with nails or a staple gun.

Then install the edging to cover the perimeter of the roof.

With the help of nails, secure the edging to the roof such that it overlaps the gutter.

3. Install Metal Panels

Start installing the metal panels from the highest point to the eave point.

The metal sheet should overhang ¾ from the edge of the roof.

Secure the metal to the sheathing with the help of screws.

The screws should be aligned evenly and placed around 10 to 12 inches apart from each other.

If installing exposed fastener metal plates, then the screws will be visible from the ground. Hence, it’s required to align them evenly.

Fasteners have rubber grommet to protect the roof from different climatic conditions. So avoid tightening it to prevent displacing the rubber grommet.

You can apply adhesive silicone or lay a bead of 100% silicone before laying the sheets.

You should install the metal sheets such that it overlaps the adjacent sheets, at least an inch.

The bead should be near the edge of the bottom sheet so that the silicone squeezes out and makes the seal more firm.

4. Cover the Joints

After installing all the metal sheets, you’ll have to cover the joints where the sections of your roof meet.

You’ll also need to cover the top of the two sides that meet.

For this purpose, you’ll need a flashing.

The flashing should be cut at a correct angle. It can be cut in a ‘V’ shape so that it fits the top of the roof.

Secure the flashing to the metal sheets with the help of screws.

Now your metal roof installation is complete.

Check and ensure all the edges are smooth, sheets and flashings are secured and the entire roof is covered with metal.

Can you install metal roof over shingles?

Yes, you can!

But you need to ensure that the wood underlying the shingles is in a good condition.

Metal sheets have to be fixed with screws to the wood, which would be possible only if the screw can be hammered in.

You also need to check and ensure that there are no more than two layers of roofing.

If there are more than two layers, then you’ll have to tear it off as it’s not advisable!If you aren’t confident about metal roof installation, then consult roofing service professionals listed on Same Day Pros. You can also download the #SameDayPros app, available for Android and iOS.

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