5 Reasons Why Getting a Roof Maintenance Should be on Your To-Do List

roof maintenance

What is the most important part of the house? You’ll probably say the bedroom or living room – or any space where you spend the most time. But if you think about it, you’ll probably agree with us that the correct answer is the roof. Without a roof over your head, you and your loved ones will not have protection from the elements. You won’t be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. More importantly, your home will most likely crumble because it doesn’t have the roof’s structural support.

Being an essential aspect of the home, you should pay attention to your roof more closely, not just when you’re already having problems. The best thing to keep your roof in top shape is regularly getting roof maintenance. Roof maintenance and inspection make it possible for you to detect issues with your roof early on before they become more severe and expensive.

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Before we go more into why roof maintenance should be a priority, let’s first define what roof maintenance is.

What is roof maintenance?

Much like getting a preventive maintenance service for a car, roof maintenance is one of the tasks that should be regularly performed to lower the likelihood of it failing.

Roof maintenance is a periodic checking of the roof, particularly the areas that are susceptible to issues. We’ll share what’s covered in roof maintenance later, so continue reading!

Although roofs are meant to have a long lifespan (between 25 to 50 years, depending on the quality and durability), without providing proper care, you might end up getting a roof replacement sooner than later.

Unfortunately, replacing a roof could be pretty expensive and could set you back anywhere from $5,500 to $11,000, based on the latest estimate from Forbes.

5 Reasons to Get a Roof Maintenance Service

With a huge investment that comes with getting a new roof, you want to make sure that you protect it with regular maintenance and inspection. Here are the top five reasons why roof maintenance is vital:

  1. It helps catches roofing issues early

    roofing problem

    Although getting your roof fixed now and then is normal, annual (or bi-annual) roof maintenance can help prevent minor issues from getting worse. A small leak or a crack on the pipe flashing is inexpensive to fix. However, if left undetected, a tiny leak could cause huge damage even before you notice that there’s something wrong with your roof.

    Also, roof maintenance prevents critters from invading and nesting in your roofing system. It can also address the damage that these pests left behind. Gutter rats, for example, can chew on bolts that hold your gutter in place, which could cause serious trouble if left unfixed.

  2. It maximizes the roof’s life span

    As mentioned earlier, roofs are designed to last even up to two decades. Unfortunately, 80% of roofs in the US are prematurely replaced due to lack of maintenance. Take note that your responsibility with your roof does not end after it’s installed. Periodic roof maintenance goes a long way as it involves inspecting the usual vulnerable areas in the roof.

    With regular maintenance, you can maximize the expected lifespan of your roof.

  3. It maintains the home’s curb appeal
    curb appeal roofing

    Many homeowners care a great deal about how their home looks on the inside and outside. Sure, you can give your home a new coat of paint or replace home windows, but your roof also has a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal.

    Imagine having freshly painted exterior walls yet half of your home’s exterior surface (your roof) is rotting – surely it can negatively affect the aesthetics of your house. It’s not only the missing shingles that can kill your home’s curb appeal. Clogged gutters can cause your drains to not work properly and could ruin the surrounding landscape, which again could ruin the look of your property. Such issues can be addressed by simple roof maintenance, such as gutter and roof cleaning.

  4. It saves money in the long term

    Did you know that minor roof repairs can cost anywhere from $300-$500? If these amounts don’t bother you enough, major roof repairs can cause up to $4,000 worth of damage, which could definitely cause a dent in your household budget.

    Investing in a regular roof maintenance program is only a fraction of the price you will pay compared to when you allow roofing problems to linger. It’s definitely a money-saver as you only have to spend on cheap repair costs of problems that are caught early compared to getting a roof replacement.

  5. It provides peace of mind

    happy family

    There’s nothing like getting peace of mind knowing that you won’t run into costly roofing problems anytime soon. If you live in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, having your roof regularly inspected and maintained will assure you that everything in your roofing system is in optimal condition. You don’t need to worry about having structural damage, and you have peace knowing that you and your family are safe inside your home.

What does roof maintenance include?

In general, roof maintenance includes general roof inspection and repair, gutter cleaning, debris, and mold removal.

Inspection and Repair

Loose shingles, bolts or nails, and flashing are typically what roofing contractors will keep an eye out for when doing an inspection. They will also check pipe flashings to see if there are any cracks or if there are unnoticeable punctures on your roof. If anything is out of place, professional roofers can fix them on the spot if it’s just minor adjustments or repairs.

Roofers will also check for any animal invasions to prevent any damage that they may cause (e.g. roof leaks, clogged pipes, chewed electrical wiring, etc.).

Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaning

One vital part of roof maintenance is keeping your gutters clean, yet many homeowners forget about their gutters until they run into a problem. You can clear out your gutters using a hose to remove any build-up. But make sure you have safety measures in place if you will be using a ladder to clean the gutters.

If you’re not confident that you’ll clean your gutters properly, you can contact a professional gutter cleaner or roofer to take care of the job.

Mold and Debris Removal

Just like keeping your gutters clear, you also want to make sure that mold and debris are regularly removed from your roof. While this is part of a roof maintenance service, you can also do this yourself by using a hose to gently remove any moss or mold buildup and tools to remove debris on the roof.

We recommend that you entrust the job to the pros as an untrained eye will risk missing out on minor issues, which is one of the main purposes of roof maintenance. In addition, going on top of the roof is a safety risk, especially if you don’t have the gears for it.

Is roof maintenance important even if I just had a roof replacement?

Should you schedule roof maintenance after a roof replacement? Our answer is YES! Make sure to schedule roof maintenance and inspection after a year or two of replacement for the same reason of increasing the life span of the roof, detecting problems early on, and protecting your investment.

Don’t get fooled with your warranty that you’re covered if anything goes wrong with your roof. Take note that the majority of roofing companies and roofing manufacturers require you to hire a professional to inspect your roof every couple of years for the warranty to remain valid. You may run into issues if you try to make a claim but fail to provide evidence that your roof is regularly maintained. So yes, skipping periodic roof maintenance is out of the question even if you recently had a replacement.

How often should you get a roof maintenance check?

roof inspection

Although some roofs don’t need maintenance for years, if you want to have peace of mind and also protect your property, it’s advisable to get a roof inspection at least once or twice a year. An inspection carried out by a reputable roofing company will determine if you also need roof maintenance service.

You want to schedule a more regular inspection and maintenance if your roof is older or if you suspect that it may have sustained damage after a hurricane.

Between the months of spring and fall are the best time to schedule roof inspection and maintenance. In spring, you can spot any damage left by winter and have repairs done before snow and rains begin in fall.

Looking for a professional roof maintenance service?

Although there are some tasks that you can perform on your own – like cleaning the gutters, removing debris, etc., having a professional maintain your roof is necessary. Doing this can help you stay ahead of problems that will only give you a serious headache. It will also give you substantial savings in terms of preventing costly major roof damage, and more importantly protecting your home and loved ones.

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