Spring is Coming Soon: Home Improvement that You Should Tackle This Season

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This year, the first day of spring will occur on Sunday, March 20. This season is definitely something to look forward to – no gloomy feels that winter could sometimes bring, fresh air, pleasant temperature, birds singing and flower blooming. There are many more reasons to love spring, but for homeowners, spring is the perfect opportunity to start home improvement projects that you wouldn’t be able to easily do in the cold winter or under the scorching heat of the summer sun.

Spring equates to a new, fresh start, so what a better way to jumpstart the season by giving your home its much-needed repairs and makeovers. So how should begin and what home improvement should you tackle in spring? The best way to identify is to have a full assessment of your home starting with the damages that the harsh winter may have brought in your home and prepare a quick maintenance list. You could also start on the home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off. Same Day Pros will also give you ideas on what to work on or prioritize during this incoming season. Some of which are roof maintenance and repairs, gutter clean up, siding replacement, window, and door repairs and replacement, spring cleaning including power washing your driveway, and many more.

It wouldn’t matter if your home improvement project is big or small, but spring is simply a perfect time to start on those projects one by one and get your home ready by the time summer starts. And you have plenty of time with spring being expected to last until June 21. Some people put off these projects until summer thinking that it’s much better weather for repairs and construction. But to further convince you and before we start giving you home improvement projects to consider working on, we will give you the reasons why this is the best time to start.

Six reasons why spring is the season for home improvement projects

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  1. Ideal weather

    The weather is mild and pleasant. No worries about the possibility of slipping on the ice while carrying on with your projects like cleaning the gutters, and not too hot to work even if under the sun unlike during the summer season. Good weather means that you can complete your home task faster and safer even when working on your home’s exterior

  2. Off-season contractor

    Spring is considered to be a “slow” season for home improvements, while summer and fall are the most hectic ones with homeowners trying to finish all repairs and construction before winter arrives. If you need professional help like roofers to fix those damaged flashing or shingles, they will surely be able to accommodate you with a lesser waiting time. Get ahead of the “traffic”Need professionals to work with you? Click here.

  3. Good way to prepare for the summer

    The winter season with all its charm could have been brutal to many houses especially in areas with heavy snows or have experienced snowstorms. With this, damages on the exterior of houses are often spotted. Waiting for the summer season to come to undertake home improvements and repairs means a few more months in between that could worsen the condition of your house and the waiting time could do bigger damage.Besides, if you have already finished your home improvement projects in time for the summer means that you have more bonding time with your family and could go on summer trips without thinking of the status of your home.

  4. ROI- A higher price for your home

    If you finished renovating or doing home improvement in your home by spring and are ready to sell by the summer season, you will be attracting more potential buyers. The real estate market is saturated, and home improvement is one way to stand out.

  5. Extra time for major home improvements

    If you are working on major home improvement, starting in spring season will give you extra months in your projects as you can extend it until summer or even the fall season if necessary. This will give you enough time to finish everything before winter comes. And since you already have a head start with contractors, you get ahead in the lineup of projects, so even if in general summer and fall are busy seasons, you are already ahead and the chances of your project being in the backlogged are low.

  6. Discounts from last season

    There are many showrooms or shops that give out big discounts on items from the previous season, and you can take advantage of those deals for your home improvement projects.Hopefully, you are now convinced to start your home improvement projects this spring.

Here are some projects that you should tackle:

  1. Roof Repair and Maintenance

    epair and maintenance sameday serviceThe winter season may have caused damage to your roof, this is especially true if you did not have any maintenance work done before the winter. Many possible roof issues should be addressed, like damaged shingles, soffits and fascia damage, sagging areas, gutter problems, water stains, faulty shingles, and more. As soon as the problem is detected, make sure that address it asap to avoid a more costly repair or even premature replacement of your roof.Click here for professional roofers.Tip: Have your roof inspected at least twice a year for a longer lifespan. Also, make sure to inspect it after strong storms and harsh weather.

  2. Siding Replacement

    In addition to adding a curb appeal and adding attractiveness to your house, siding plays an essential role in maintaining your house well-insulated and waterproofed. This means that any signs of uneven layers, water stains, molds, cracks, gaps, waves, warping, rotting, and holes are big no-nos. This means that aside from moisture penetrating your home, destructive insects and critters could also get inside your home.As soon as everything has melted from the winter season, make sure that checking your siding is on top of your list to keep the interior of your house well-protected and to avoid high energy bills due to poor insulation.For vinyl siding replacement and repairs near you, click here.

  3. Gutter Clean Up and Repairs

    gutter cleaning sameday serviceIf the gutter clean-up is not on your spring cleaning list, then you have to add it to your priorities. Many homeowners overlook gutter clean-up, not realizing that maintaining this part of your home is essential to protect your home from extensive water damage. While cleaning up your gutter from clogs due to leaves and debris stuck inside, make sure to check if there is a need for repairs and replacement. Signs to look out for are cracks, molds, bent, and the presence of rust in your gutter. You should also check for the downspout while at it and make sure that it is firmly connected to your gutter.The best way for gutter maintenance is to hire a professional for regular clean-up and maintenance. You could also discuss with them if your gutter requires an upgrade or if they could add in a gutter protection system.

  4. Replacement of Damaged and Inefficient Windows

    Spring is the best time to replace or repair your damaged windows due to harsh winter and in preparation for the high temperature of summer. Inspect your window and if you notice signs of cracks, sags, warps, rot, air leaks, gaps between window and frame, and condensation inside a double or triple pane window (check for this before winter officially ends).Having an efficient window in your house will help you reduce your electric bill. If you notice that your windows are beyond repairs, consider having a newer model installed. Make sure to call in the pros for your window replacement and repairs.If there are no issues with your windows, make sure to have a good and thorough clean-up, simple use a rag and window cleaner. If you leave in a multi-story home, it would be better to call in professional window cleaners, especially for high places.

  5. Door repair and replacement

    While we still have a few days before the winter season comes to an end, make sure to check if your front door is drafty. A draft front door = poor insulation. Maximize the use of your HVAC system by making sure it is not working extra hard to maintain the temperature inside your home, one way to do this is to have a reliable front door. Check for dents and rusts and if the wood in your entry door is rotting, has molds, or is waterlogged. This is also high time to explore more energy-efficient models for your entry door.

  6. Spring cleaning

    springs cleaning sameday serviceHome improvement isn’t all about repairs and replacement, a good thorough cleaning will also give your home an instant facelift. From carpet cleaning, washing those heavy drapes, dusting ceiling fans, polishing your windows, trimming your trees, changing the filter in your aircon, and more, spring is another high time to do it.One satisfying to do during your spring cleaning is pressure washing your driveway. We assure you, after you are done, it will dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal. Afterward, make sure you seal the concreteWe have presented several projects to do and you may not be able to tackle them all. A tip from us, anything that will involve signs of damage, prioritize it first as compared to any cosmetic improvements.If your list makes you a bit overwhelmed especially since it affects more than one area in your home, the key is to hire a good and trusted pro to help you do the job.For different home improvement services and free quotations, click here.

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