Tips For Finding A Roofing Professional

Roofing Professional

In this article, you’ll learn about finding a roofing professional, how you can prepare for roof replacement and repair, and what to look for when you start comparing quotes.

What is a Roofing Professional?

A roofing professional is someone who has specialized in the repair, maintenance, cleaning, or inspection of roofs. They may specialize in a specific area of roofing services, but typically, they can provide all the roofing services you will need in a residential or commercial setting.

Other terms are also applied to these professionals, such as roofing contractor, roofing specialist, or roofer. Roofing is considered a part of construction because the contractor will be working on your home, either repairing or installing materials that are critical to the framework of the overall structure.

In addition to their competency with construction materials, it is important for roofing professionals to critically analyze a situation on sight, inspecting for signs of damage and potential safety hazards before performing the work. Often, the safety of the roofing team relies on this initial inspection and may be done by a foreman.

What Do Roofing Professionals Do?

What Roofing Pros do

Roofing professionals take care of a wide range of services from the maintenance, repair, and installation of roofs. A lot of roofing professionals will also provide consultations and inspections for homeowners who aren’t ready to purchase, or who aren’t certain of what to look for, and need the help from an experienced individual.

Roofers work with a variety of material depending on the type of roof already installed in your home, or roofing material that they are installing. Because roofs are a layered product with many types of materials to create the overall structure, they work with everything from rockwool to felt, asphalt, metal, and wood.

They must also be able to withstand harsh conditions outdoors, as installing or repairing a roof often requires that they are outside during the day, on top of the roof where there is typically a lot of UV exposure.

Qualifications of a Roofer

Roofing professionals get a bad name because there is such a low barrier to entry that non-professionals try to get into the field for quick money.

Fortunately, you can identify a good roofing contractor by the qualifications they hold before you ever sign a contract.

The qualifications necessary for a roofer depends highly on the state, as most places do not require roofers to have any specific level of education after a high school diploma. (1)

Roofing contractors have to meet the criteria of their municipality. Check your state’s roofer qualifications and directories before hiring.

– Forbes

Still, roofing is considered a respectable trades skill that many people go through an apprenticeship to learn.

In states that require it, the roofer must also hold a valid roofing license to be able to perform repairs and provide inspections or new roof installations. At minimum, the roofing contractor should have insurance to cover any accidents resulting from work they perform.

Finding a Roofing Professional for Your Next Project

Are you looking for a roofer for your next project? Whether you are looking for a quick repair or cursory maintenance and inspection to tide your roof over through the next season, it’s important to have a trusted roofing company that you can call.

At Same Day Pros, we help you find the right roofing specialist for your needs. Using our directory of trusted professionals in your area, you can find the services you’re looking for and compare quotes from companies open to new work, right there on the same screen.

No more wasted hours searching for the perfect company or digging through results just to find out that they don’t serve your location.

Perfect for long-time homeowners or individuals who are new to the area alike. Search with Same Day Pros and get service as soon as possible in your area!

Hire Based on More Than Just Price

It can be tempting to search for the least expensive company and choose them, no questions asked. Unfortunately, though there are a few exceptions, the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

The cheaper the service, the less likely it is to include guarantees or additional services to ensure that they’ve done a good job, as the company still must cover their costs and make a profit at the end of the day.

Sometimes, it’s about how their workers are treated; the least expensive option might not pay workers a livable wage or might cut corners with minimal insurance and lower-quality materials.

No matter the case, the team at Same Day Pros does the best possible job in providing you with quality results from companies in your area. By requesting quotes from a few companies, you can determine who provides the best service at a reasonable price, without taking shortcuts.

The Difference Between Independent Contractors and Roofing Companies

Independent contractors are typically handymen who understand roofing and advertise that they can do the work without the big company price. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same level of expertise, industry connections, and insurance coverage that a specialized roofing company does.

If an independent contractor specializes in roofing, it is likely that they subcontract for a larger company and are considered representatives of that roofing company. This is an important distinction, but the line can be difficult to find.

Roofing companies typically have teams of subcontractors working on any one roof. While a single individual may be able to do minimal repairs to gutters or surface-level repairs on shingles, it is unsafe to do any further repair or installation work by themselves. This is where the roofing company has the upper hand. They can provide a full team of insured individuals to work on the roof and get the job done in a shorter amount of time.

How Do I Pick a Good Roofer?

Pick Good Roofer

Choosing a good roofer can be difficult, especially if you’re not used to hiring a professional for home repairs. Fortunately, there are a lot of good resources on how to hire a professional without breaking the bank, as well as tips on smart hiring practices.

At Same Day Pros, we proudly provide you with local professionals in your area. Still, we encourage all our users to get multiple quotes and do their due diligence before hiring a contractor or company. Not every roofer will be the right fit for your needs, and a little shopping can help prevent costly damages or miscommunication on a project.

Get Everything in Writing

No matter what, before you start the contract, get everything in writing. This is the golden rule of homeownership, no matter if you are hiring a contractor or working with a larger company.

Whether it’s an itemized service list, or a summary of your discussion with the roofing professional where you detail what roof type or repair you are looking for, it’s good practice.

Getting everything in writing can even help with extended projects, serving as a good refresher for the roofing company to review if there are a lot of starts and stops with the project throughout the year due to weather or budgetary constraints.

Ask About Licenses and Insurance

Licensing, if applicable for your state or local municipality, is an important part of roofing. If an unlicensed roofer works on your roof, it could void your warranty or prevent any recourse for damages caused.

If roofers are not required to have licensing, you can still ask after their ability to work on roofs that are still under warranty.

Insurance, on the other hand, is an essential, even if it is not required. While it is always preferred that roofers have better insurance coverage than the minimum available, a lack of any insurance is a big red flag, and you should choose another company if you come across this.

Check Their References

Checking a company’s references is a good way to get a feel for the type of clientele they typically work on, as well as the range of square footage that they have experience with, as well as read testimonials endorsing their work.

If they don’t have references that you can call, they will typically provide a portfolio or website link where you can review what previous clients have had to say about their services. If the company has sub-par reviews, it might be a sign that they aren’t delivering the quality of work they are promising. You can address these reviews with the point of contact or move on to find a company that is a better fit for your needs.

Include a Cleanup Strategy

Before you pay the bill for the roof replacement, make sure that the roofing company includes a cleanup fee or strategy in their plan. This ensures that the roofing professionals clean up any leftover tools, equipment, or materials from the worksite before they leave.

While they aren’t likely to leave valuable power tools lying around, it makes sense to determine whether you are responsible for minimal cleanup and repairs that the team might leave, or if they include it as a part of their full-house check after work has been completed.

How Do You Know if a Roofer Did a Good Job?

After the job is done, you might be wondering how to double-check their work yourself, especially if you’ve never been on the top of a roof before in your life.

Typically, once or twice a year, you should get a professional roof inspection done to check for any damages throughout the season. (2) This inspection can also help you identify any areas of the roof that might be corroded or wearing out before it is supposed to.

While any documentation that tells when the roof was installed or last replaced on a property is valuable, you will still need to check the roof. A visual roof inspection requires knowing what to look for.

– HuffPost

If it the damage is the fault of the material or installation service, it may be covered under warranty or company guarantee.

If you can’t afford an inspection after replacing your roof, you can give it a cursory look yourself. Does the roof look uniform in appearance? Are there any gaps or holes in the installation joints? Is the flashing around vents and chimney joints new?

What Time of Year is Best to Replace a Roof?

The ideal time of year to replace your roof may vary depending on the climate in your area. For example, if the rainy season comes in spring, then roofers are not going to want to risk potential water damage and safety hazards to replace your roof.

Furthermore, summer heat is a brutal force when working all day on a roof, so while roofing companies may begin scheduling during the summer, it’s not ideal.

According to most roofing companies, the best season to replace your roof in is fall. During this time, the weather is cooling down, but the season is still usually dry enough to get the job done before rain comes through.

Additionally, it can ensure that your roof is in the best possible condition before snowy or icy conditions hit, with cold weather contracting the materials in the roof. In old roofs, this contraction can give way to holes or cracks that lead to water damage, whereas a new roof will be durable enough to withstand these conditions easily.

How Do I Find a Reliable Roofer in My Area?

Finding a Pro

Before you start asking around for recommendations from friends or neighbors who last had the roof serviced two decades prior, try a new solution. You might just be impressed by how well it works!

Simply search for roof repair in your local area using Same Day Pros’ platform. You’ll see a list of roofing professionals in your area taking on new clients.

Finding a reliable roofer takes time, but with the right steps, you can find a quality roofing company who can provide you with a wide range of services. Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell, renovating a new home, or pricing services for maintaining a future home, there is a roofing company out there for you.

Are you ready to make home ownership a little easier? Get stated today with Same Day Pros.


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