5 Unconventional ways to find a roof repair specialist

roof repair specialist

Yellow pages are dead! If you’re still using yellow pages or direct Google search to know service providers, you’re most likely to miss out the best roofing service providers. You require some precise and unconventional ways to find roof repair companies to find the best ones at best prices. Here are some ways we recommend!

1.    Drive around and ask people

The most efficient and easiest ways are to drive around your city and stop by new houses. Ask the owners about the roofer they hired. Most of them would happily give you information and share their personal experience.

2.    Ask the Realtors

Realtors work with roofers all the time. Have a chat with one and ask for recommendations. Be careful, though. Realtors often look for roofers who provide cheap and quick services. Not all of them would be good.

3.    Ask the local roofing supplier

Check out with the local supplier for roof repair specialists. They know a lot of them due to their line of work. They can tell you which roofers have the best attitude and do a lot of work. Overall, they can offer you great advice.

4.    Ask the local building inspector

If your city has a building department (it often varies with jurisdiction), go there and have a chat with the building inspector. Building inspectors check if the roof structure is legally sound once the end product is ready. They know a lot about real roof repair specialists. They can be an excellent source for references.

5.    Check the license number

The lower the license number, the more experience a roofer has. This simple check about the license number of a roofer can tell you a lot about his expertise in the field. Check with your friends and family about the roofers they might have hired in past. Now, this may not be the exact way to find a new roof repair specialist, but you can certainly check the expertise of one how offers you his services. It comes handy in case of door to door services (be careful about the roof repair scams, though!)

6.    Online yellow pages

Some websites list the same day service providers and help you hire one online. Same Day Pros also intends to connect consumers like you to service providers. Using Same Day Pros Uber-like platform, you can find roof repair specialists with a few simple clicks. Why not give it a try?

Also, check out some more tips for you to find the right roof repair companies. Don’t rush the process. Do a thorough research about the company, get a correctly written estimate and then, hire. It is a costly home improvement project, and you must handle it with extreme care.  Good luck!

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