6 Roof Maintenance Tasks You Should Not Delay This Summer

Roof Maintenance And Repair

It’s almost summer. It’s that time of the year which is perfect for roof repair and maintenance. If winter wasn’t pleasant for you and brought you some roof related troubles, it’s the perfect time to locate a roof repair service and get it fixed. If you think winter went all well, just do a roof maintenance check to be safe. Here are the tasks which you need to do!

1.    Inspect the gutters:

Check for debris. Make sure they’re working properly. Debris gets sometimes stuck in the gutters and disrupts the flow of water. This may also lead to physical damage to gutter due to the heavy weight of debris.

2.    Check for moss and algae growth:

Moss and algae are quite common during summer. You can quickly inspect your roof for any visible growth. This should be immediately treated as it can cause substantial damage. It can rot the wood underneath. You can try rubbing off the mold with a brush if it’s dry but we recommend you consult a professional roofer for advice on how to deal with this.

3.    Ventilation check:

Make sure the attic is properly ventilated. During summer, hot air rises and can leave your house through adequate ventilation. If it fails to do so, it will cause moisture and eventually, damage your roof. Vapor barriers can help you deal with the moisture issue even more efficiently.

4.    Look for missing shingles:

Now that your roof is clear of snow and any visibility issues, you can quickly look for any missing shingles or sagging areas in the roof structure. Immediately fix the broken or missing shingles as such exposed areas can aggravate the roof damage.

5.    Trim off the branches around the roof:

If there are big branches that can fall on your roof, better get rid of them before it’s too late. Yes, even if there are no big storm predictions in your area in the coming future.

6.    Protecting your roof from the sun:

There are some things you can do to protect your roof from the sun. Your roofing contractor can suggest you exactly what to do as it depends on the kind of roof you’ve and the area you live in. Consider installing vapour barriers to decrease chances of damage due to moisture. Painting the roof white will help it stay cooler. Consider changing your roofing material from asphalt to one with reflecting material to keep your house cooler. A coat of acrylic can protect your roof from thermal shocks. Don’t do it too often, though.

Ensuring safety during Roof Maintenance inspection

If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you are very careful. Use safety equipment. Ensure the ladder you use is steady and reliable. Have someone to help you with this task to avoid chances of falling. Don’t step anywhere on the roof unless you know which places are safe to step at. Otherwise, it can lead to roof damage.

All the roof maintenance tasks listed above wouldn’t take long to do but can save you from lots of trouble. Stop procrastinating. Finish off these tasks as soon as possible.

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