7 Warning Signs That You Need a Roof Repair Service

Roof Repair Service

The Roof of your house offers an excellent defense against the natural elements. But unfortunately, it’s often ignored and unmaintained. It is a common sight that people miss the signs of the deteriorating condition of the roof and end up bearing a significant loss and high roof repair costs. The numbers multiply because of the negligence.

If you notice the signs of roof damage just when they appear and take a timely action to stop the damage, you can get the roof fixed at a much lesser cost and with a very less inconvenience for your family and you.

But what if you’re completely unaware of the warning signs that imply you need a roof repair service? Worry no more! We’ve listed the seven of them in this post. Make sure you always keep an eye out for them.

1. Visible Shingle Damage

A regular inspection for shingle damage is a must for a person who cares about his home. If you see the shingles curling, buckling, broken or missing, it’s a sign that you need to call for roof repair.

Make sure you carefully analyze the slopes that receive direct sunlight for they offer the earliest and visible signs of shingle damage.

2. Sagging Areas in the Roof Structure

Check if some parts of the roof are sagging down. It usually happens when the roofing material gets damaged and is readily visible when you analyze the overall structure of your roof.

3. Over-aging of the roof

A typical roof lasts between 20 – 25 years, and if your house’s roof is older than that, it’s a big enough sign to call for a roof repair serviceman to check.

4. Gutters clogged with roofing material

Check the gutters for shingle granules. Roofs often tend to lose more granules when they get old, and that’s a pretty serious sign of roof damage.

5. Loose Nails Around the Roof

Shingles are often fixed in place using nails. Nails are quite prone to damage as they can loosen due to high wind or heavy rains. Some loose nails magnify the risk of roof damage and must be fixed quickly.

6. Daylight through roof boards

Is daylight seeping in through the roof boards? That slight streak of light might seem pleasant on a dark winter day, but it is a sign that your roof is wearing out and must be repaired or replaced.

7. Leaks in the roof

Analyze the ceilings for wet spots or stains. Those occur because of the reduced capability of your roof to protect you from the natural elements like rain, sunlight and wind.

Some of these signs don’t seem to be that serious for example, the daylight piercing. That is so common and is often ignored. If only these symptoms are noticed carefully and promptly, people can save a lot of money on damage roof repair.

Also, a small problem can lead a much bigger damage in the long run. For example, a couple of missing shingles can grow on to damage the roofing material and cause leakage, which is obviously a big deal.

We hope you keep these seven signs in mind and always be careful around these. In case, you have been noticing such signs for quite a while, you must immediately call a same day roof repair service.

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