What are the Common Roof Problems that can Plague Your Home?

Common Roof Problems

A roof is the most important structure of your home. But every homeowner will encounter roofing problems at some point in their lives, prompting them to call a roof repair service professional in Baltimore.

Most of these problems can be spotted easily, but a small leak can go undetected for months before you actually notice anything.

From leakages to major cracking, your roof can be suffering from many common ailments that demand your immediate attention.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to inspect the roof regularly.

Here are the most common problems with roofs that you should look out for.

Leaking Roof

It is the most common problems with roofs that every homeowner has to face. Cracked flashing, broken shingles, damaged tiles or slates are few of the many causes of a leaking roof.

Most common places where roof leaking occurs:

  • Under damaged shingles
  • Near the chimney
  • At skylights
  • At flashing points
  • Around gutters
  • In low spots or valleys
  • Close to vents and pipes

Water Pooling

If water starts to pool around on the roof, it can be dangerous in the long run. This is particularly worrisome for flat roofs; the solution is to form tapered areas over the surface of the roof. The slopes will let the water runoff and keep the roof safe.


Due to the immense heat in the summer, sometimes the roof materials can shrink. This leads to deterioration, cracking, and the pulling apart of critical components of the roof like flashing.

It mainly affects roof with synthetic rubber membrane coverings.

Blistering and Cracking Shingles

Due to the constant heat, roofs can develop cracks, blisters, and ridges. But the blistering of the roof is limited to the type of roof that you have installed.

Built-up roofs are made of several layers that cover a relatively flat surface. These are more susceptible to cracking and blistering.

Damage due to Ice and Snow

With winter approaching, every homeowner should know that snow or ice on roofs is a bad combination for your home.

Over the years, frozen snow on the roof can damage the roof tremendously since ice and snow melt into water, which eventually seeps underneath your shingles. If the water freezes on the shingles, it can spell more trouble.

As frozen water tends to push up against the flashing or shingles and lifts them, more water can seep in through the gaps.

The best way to prevent winter from damaging your roof is by scheduling routine inspection and maintenance during the spring and fall by a professional roofing service near you.

Tree Damage

If a tree limb crashes on your roof, then you’re in for a lot of trouble.

But even tree branches that hang low and rub against your roof on a daily basis can scratch the surface of the roof and wear down the top layer.

It is safer for your roofs if you consider trimming down the limbs by hiring a professional tree service near you so that they don’t rest on your roof.

Routine and a thorough inspection and maintenance is the key to having a safe roof. Always hire a team of experienced professional roof repair service near you who can provide immediate emergency repairs to their customers.

Many roof repair services provide Preventive Maintenance Programs as well that can extend the life expectancy of your roof.

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