How Much Should Roof Repair Cost?

Roof Repair Cost

Did you know if you didn’t carry out proper and timely roof maintenance you might have to bear substantial roof repair costs?  

Yes, roof repair is a very lengthy process and can take a lot of time depending on the severity of the damage.

So you need to let a professional roofing company nearby inspect the damage inside out without drawing any conclusions.

Here are 7 Problems Local Roof Repair Companies Can Solve

1. Missing Shingles

If there are missing shingles from your roof cover, you’ll need to call professionals. Replacing the shingles is your only option in such cases.

2. Slits on Roof

If you find any slits on the roof, it is a dangerous sign. You need to ask for professional help immediately and get the shingles replaced. You can also consider adding a sheet – metal layer for protection.

3. Leaking Gutter

If the roof side gutter is leaking, you need to get the clean the gutters. Get an expert opinion and get them to clean it. NEVER do it on your own!

4. Leakages in Chimney/Skylight

For any leakages in the chimney or skylight, you need to opt for minor repairs, if possible. If not, you’ll need to choose complete roof replacement.

5. Ice on Roof

For any ice formation or ice dams on the roof, you need to use ice melt substitutes. Alternatively, you can install roof heat cables.

6. Leaking Vent Pipes

Vent pipes that are under your roof layer need to be appropriately sealed. If the sealant doesn’t work like it should, vent pipes can allow water to seep through and damage the interiors.

7. Major Roof Leaks

In case of significant roof leak or issues, you can try applying roof sealant. But for major and repetitive issues, roof replacement is the only option.

Based on what roof issues you’ve been facing, the roof repair costs will differ.

What Does Roof Repair Cost Include?

Roof repair has two major components that come with the entire roof repair package.

  • Material Cost – Usually roofers charge for the material as per as the cost of materials used. You need to clarify if it is included in the bill and ask for estimates before giving the contract to a roofing company near you.
  • Labor Cost – In case of labor, you are mostly charged per square foot. It is always better to ask because it will greatly vary depending on the time of work as well.

One major thing that all roof repair companies will check before giving you a budget is the extent and area of damage.

To ensure proper safety, your roof repair company will need to know the areas that have been affected to to give appropriate estimates.

Broadly small roof repairs should not cost between $100 to $500. Compared to the cost of a new roof, small repair is much cheaper.

If you want to opt for roof replacement, it might cost you more than $5,000.

Roof Waterproofing

Many households today are opting for waterproofing their roofs.

This is a good step as it does not allow water or other moisture substances to stay on the roof.

Depending on the roof material used and the amount of slope, roof repair experts can give you waterproofing estimates.

You have to let the roof repair company evaluate your roof for all kinds of damages and then carry on repair. You can also ask for free estimates before they start the work.

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