Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Roof Maintenance

In this article, you’ll learn all the roof maintenance tips you’ll need this season from Same Day Pros.

Why Roof maintenance is Important

A roof is a vital and integral part of any home and, when allowed to age without proper care, the chances of it being unable to provide prolonged safety and protection against the elements dwindle with each passing year. (1)

If your roof is older than 20 years and has experienced significant or recurring damage, it may be necessary to replace the roof entirely. A roof with little to no damage can last more than 30 years.

– Forbes

Not only are roofs an essential source of shade and insulation against harsh weather conditions, but the roof is also where most of the home’s interior electrical, heating, and structural supports are located, which are not resistant to the weather.

Without proper maintenance to the roof, the interior of the home is at risk for weather-related damages and structural integrity problems in the future.

How Do You Maintain Your Roof?

Structural integrity, safety, curb appeal, and home value are all things that are put at risk when the roof’s health and maintenance is neglected.

Protecting your roof against structural and weather-related damages is important. When cared for pre-emptively, your roof will easily last a couple of decades.

At minimum, it is recommended that you have the roof inspected at least twice yearly to ensure that the roof has not been damaged throughout the previous season, and that it is ready to weather yet another season of harsh weather and sun exposure. If ignored, a simple problem can grow into an incredibly costly repair down the road.

What are Common Roof Problems?

Leaking Roof

One of the most common problems a roof can have includes leaks. With a roof inspection, this is easy to spot as the area will be water damaged and there may be mold, algae, or other moisture-loving plants growing along these areas. Likewise, the roof’s sublayer may be damp or soft under pressure.

Keeping the shingles in good repair will provide a better waterproofing layer for the attic and interior of the home.

Other roof problems may include structural damage to parts of the roof, such as shingle granules clogging the downspouts, broken shingles, pooling water, or damaged flashing.

Roof Maintenance Tips

It is recommended that you have a checklist for your roof maintenance to ensure that everything is properly inspected. This will allow you to prioritize what needs repairs, and can help any roof repair professionals better understand what areas of your roof need special attention.

While your home may not need all of the roof maintenance tips you can find on the internet – such as if your roof type is different, or if your local climate is different – the tips below will help you determine a baseline of care to work from.

Typically, the two main times of year when it is most important to inspect and repair the roof is late fall before winter, and early summer after spring.

Thoroughly Inspect Shingles Every Season

Throughout the seasons, the weather changes drastically, and your shingles are the roof’s first line of defense for rainfall, heat, and snow. More extreme weather damage may also occur during storm seasons, such as hail damage, strong winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Especially in areas where these storms are frequent, it is important to inspect the roof for damaged shingles to ensure that the roof is still in prime condition.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Cleaning Gutters

Your gutters should be cleaned regularly, as they are a prime location for leaves, debris, and nests to collect over the dry season and help redirect the flow of water away from the home. This debris causes the downspout to clog, which prevents stormwater from exiting properly. This can cause damage down the siding of the home, as well as preventing your roof from drying properly, resulting in water damage and soft spots.

Regularly Treat Your Roof for Moss and Algae

Outside of the negative impact to your home’s curb appeal, moss and algae can cause your roof to begin deteriorating slowly through water damage. By hiring a roof repair company to seal the shingles and provide cleaning and waterproofing services, you can discourage fungus, lichen, and algae from colonizing areas between your shingles and holding moisture to the roof’s surface.

Get Rid of Debris on Your Roof

Overhanging trees and foliage are great for keeping your home cool in the hotter months, but you will need to maintain your roof and ensure that no debris collects in the eaves, gutters, or along the shingles. Likewise, it’s important to ensure that no overhanging limbs put your roof in danger in case of strong storms. By trimming nearby trees and performing regular roof cleanings, you can keep your roof free from this debris.

Ensure Your Roof Has Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important for any roof so that damp air does not get trapped within the home, which is a recipe for disaster between mold growth and water damage. Ignoring the roof’s ventilation can cause water damage, wood rot, and other structural problems to the home or roof. By repairing the ventilation along the roofline, you can prevent these issues from occurring.

Inspect the Attic After Storms

Inspect the Attic

After any kind of extreme weather, it is important to survey your attic for any potential damages. Look for stained wood caused by leaks, sunlight coming in from above, damp walls, or condensation within or around attic vents. A damaged attic might have a musty odor, which is often a sign that mold or fungus is growing somewhere hidden.

Replace Caulking Around Flashings as Needed

Flashing is an important part of your gutter and roof system that does a lot more than just look good. This helps divert water through the gutter instead of leaking through and rolling down the sides of the home and keeps the material underneath the shingles relatively free from moisture. During your roof inspection, make sure that the caulking around these flashings are inspected as well for a complete seal.

Have Trusted Experts Perform All Maintenance and Repairs

Like many people, you might be looking to perform your own maintenance and repairs to save on the costs of a professional roofer.

Unfortunately, this all-too-often causes problems in the future, with missed damage that would have been caught in a professional inspection, or improper repair work leading to further damages.

While it might seem cost effective in the short-term, it is important to get help from trusted experts that can handle any roofing problems that might arise.

Get Professional Roof Inspections Done Twice a Year

Roof Inspection

At minimum, you should perform roof inspections twice a year to maintain the health and longevity of your roof. With twice annual inspections and subsequent repair work from the professionals, you can trust that your roof is in good hands, helping you identify hidden problems and extend the lifetime of your roof and improve the value of your home.

These services also help prolong the longevity of the roof and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty for as long as possible. Find a professional roof repair and maintenance service in your area today at Same Day Pros.

How Often Should You Perform Roof Maintenance?

While the roof should be inspected at least twice a year to check for weather and time-related problems with the shingles and roof’s sub-layer and waterproofing, roof maintenance should be done on an as-needed basis.

The sooner repairs are made on your roof, the better; but there is no substitute for professional service. You should always schedule roof maintenance with a professional to ensure your safety, and the quality of the repairs.

You never want to neglect maintenance as the problem can become much worse without prompt attention. By repairing storm damage, waterproofing, or gutter and shingle problems as soon as possible, the roof can continue to function as intended even during storm season or before long, hot summer days.

Looking for a Professional Roofer Near You?

Don’t wait to replace your roof until it’s too late; repair it today and save thousands on future replacement costs.

If you are looking for a professional roof repair and maintenance service near you, then Same Day Pros is one of the best options on the internet.

In just a few clicks, locate a locate business and compare quotes to find the right fit for your home, for less stress and extra savings.

Working with a professional ensures that the job is done right the first time around, lasting for years to come. Licensed contractors are often covered by your manufacturer’s warranty and can help extend your roof’s lifespan by 5-10 years.


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