Roof Repair For Buckling Roofs

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Do you need roof repair for buckling roofs? Have you ever seen a roof that has had areas that were lifting up? It looks like a big bubble that is stretching the roof sheathing, felt and shingles. The spacing of roof sheathing is very important for installers to do, as this will avoid the potential for buckling. Buckling can occur when excessive moisture is in the attic due to condensation. It can cause wood to swell with the result being a buckle upward or downwards of the sheathing. Installing these sheathing panels without spacing can cause problems later. Some manufacturers recommend a 1/8th inch space between all panel edges to allow for expansion. One simple way to do this is adding a spacer between the panels as the panels are installed. Use a nail as a spacer set in the rafters, a nail on two of the upper rafters and two nails near the upper and lower side of the panel whichever direction you are working. You can find local same day roof repair service estimates from your local roof repair contractors at


Use a 10 penny box nail as a spacer. Professionals say by “using a #10 penny box nail as a spacer is a way to gap the 1/8 inch needed for panel expansion.” This is a great way for licensed roofing contractors to measures and helps maintain roof repair prices.

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So how do you do to repair this without removing the roof?

Since the expansion is a result of moisture getting to the wood, then that attic must not be ventilated properly. This also must be a balanced system. The goal is 50% intake and 50% exhaust. There are many ways to ventilate an attic. Seek a licensed roofing contractor from  to provide this service and design a balanced ventilation system for your attic to avoid future roof repair buckling.

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