Has Snow and Ice Left Behind a Leaky Metal Roof? Repair it in 4 Simple Steps!

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roof comprises a significant portion of roofing systems in the United States. They are generally installed on homes that have steep slopes.

Metal roof installation, if done correctly, can extend the lifespan of the roof by up to 30 years. 

But sometimes you may catch an awful sight of a leaky metal roof.

So how to fix a leaky metal roof?

But first, let’s look at what can cause the metal roof to leak.

4 Causes of a Leaking Metal Roof

Incorrect installation and erroneous designs are the causes of a majority of the rook leak problems.

That said, the frequency of leaks increases as the roof ages.

Metal roof leaks in the valleys where different planes meet.

Here are the 4 main causes of roof leaks.

  1. Improperly designed end enclosures during ice dams or when the gutters overflow.
  2. Debris collected in the gutter, deteriorating gaskets or movement of panels.
  3. When tape sealant isn’t installed under screw heads.
  4. Cracks, splits, or gaps.

So if you’re looking to repair roof leaks, here’s how you can do it.

4 Steps to Repair a Leaky Metal Roof

Metal roof repair will depend on the severity of the issue you are facing. So repair your metal roof according to the cause.

If the damage is severe, you’ll have to get your roof replaced.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can fix a leaking metal roof

1. Fix the Nails

If you find that metal roof leaks around screws, locate the fasteners and tighten them.

The areas where screws, drills or nails are fixed in the metal roof, they get rusted faster.

Replace the rusted screws. Address rust patches early to reduce repair costs.

If you find loose nails, then fix them yourself. For this, all you need to do is pull them out and re-nail them.

2. Coat Your Metal Roof

To fix a rusty metal roof, clean the repair area to get rid of algae, film or dirt.

Remove the rust with steel wool or a wire brush. Apply a metal primer and let it dry.

The final step is metal roof coating.

Choose a color that matches the color of your roof and give a top coat.

You can buy metal spray paint colors from auto parts store too.

3. Sealing

Next is sealing a metal roof.

Asphalt or plastic roof cement don’t provide enough protection against ultraviolet rays.

You can use urethane roof cement as a metal roof sealant to seal holes or damaged area.

Spread it carefully over the hole to seal with a putty knife and leave it to dry.

You can use rubberized tapes for sealing. Also, seal the edges and seams with it.

Alternately, you can use self-stick waterproof flashing membrane for metal roof sealing.

But keep in mind that both the sealants deteriorate over time and need replacement.

4. Metal Roof Patch

If the repair requires putting a metal roof patch, cut a patch such that it will overlap the repair area for two inches.

Round the corners of the patch to prevent snow from accumulating there.

Place the patch on the repair area and outline it.

Apply a generous amount of sealant to the area and place the patch over it. The sealant should squeeze out from all the sides.

This will prevent water from entering the patch and rusting the roof.

Secure the patch with screws. Paint the patch and the area surrounding it.

If you are inexperienced in metal roof repair, it is advised not to do the repair on your own. Opt to call a metal roof repair contractor.

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