Same Day Rug Cleaning Companies

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Professional Rug Cleaning Process

Vacuuming is the most important step to achieving a fresh looking and smelling rugs in your home. The dust and dirt particles should be removed prior to adding rug cleaning chemicals. Vacuuming is typically done on both sides, you can also use some sort of beater bar, or forced air. These techniques are environmentally friendly, and forced air is less likely to damage the surface or delicate fibers of fine rugs.

Cleaning is next, and unfortunately, not everyone understands what it takes to do this step safely. A normal steam cleaner used by many homeowners will be only marginally effective and at worst cause damage to the rug. It is also important to avoid harsh chemicals in the cleaning process.

Rinsing and extraction is important because it ensures that the fibers don’t have lingering chemicals or residue that will attract dirt. However, just because the water runs clear does not mean it’s good to go. A professional rug cleaning company trained to properly clean rugs knows that loose particles, dirt, and soap residue can still remain if not done correctly.

Drying is the final step to guaranteeing the best results. Proper drying is necessary to prevent the growth of mold and harmful bacteria that thrives in moist conditions. Each company will have a preferred method for this step. This could include hang drying, blowers, and other techniques.

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