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Determine the type of carpet cleaning stain you have before trying to remove it. For instance, pet stains need to be treated differently than spilled soda or or food. Treat the carpet cleaning stain immediately. As soon as you see a carpet cleaning stain, work on removing it. The quicker you act in cleaning the carpets or rugs; the better your results will be.

Blot, with an upward motion;  at the carpet cleaning stain with a color fast cloth, something that won’t transfer the color to your carpet, and some cold water or seltzer. Once you have removed any excess liquid and the majority of the surface stain you can move on to removing the remaining portion of the stain

Spray with a rug cleaning agent or spray, or professional carpet cleaning agent,  or a carpet-safe stain remover, available at any retail store or you can buy products from your local carpet cleaning service in your area, and let it sit for the recommended amount of time. When the time is up use a wet cloth and gently rub out the carpet cleaning stain in an upward motion. Be careful not to rub too hard or you will spread the stain or rub it further into the carpet. It’s best to lightly dab at the stain in an upward motion, rather than scrub.

Wait until the area has thoroughly dried after your first treatment. Look to see if there is any trace of the stain. If so, repeat the process.

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