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All businesses depend and rely on sales for growth; and each sale begins with a lead. The internet has become the most prominent advertising and marketing medium for such businesses. Same Day Pros is a new and exciting internet advertising company that interlinks the internet; with  GPS technologies, to help produce even more leads for Professional Service Providers. Same Day Pros simply gives consumers the best opportunity to secure real-time, quick solutions with ease; while offering businesses the most inexpensive form of advertising, reducing their cost; of doing business, and increasing sales.

Here Are Some Benefits For Service Providers To Advertise On Same Day Pros
Low Cost – Advertising for a limited time is free for 1 year to become a service provider on same day pros. That’s right!  A Year!  It will take most  professional service providers a year to pay for this advertising.
You Keep All The Sales – Same Day Pros only charges a low one time per year rate to advertise. We will NEVER keep a percentage of each sale.
Get Paid The Same Day – By leaving you; the service provider in charge you will always get paid from your client as soon as the work is completed. You never have to wait for your sales income.
No Bidding – You are not competing against other service providers. Our GPS Based advertising connects the consumer with the closest service provider already working in the consumers neighborhood neighborhood. The consumer will almost always call the closest service provider to achieve Same Day Service.
Exposure – Sign up as many phone numbers and categories as you want. The more phone numbers and categories the more exposure and more leads you will get.
Easy Sign Up – Sign up in minutes and pay for the whole year upfront. Once your done, your done. Then all you have to do is renew every year.
No Sales – There will never be any pushy sales people to deal with. Same Day Pros leaves all the advertising decisions up to you.
Flat Rate Technician Tracking – Flat rate $300 per year Technician Tracking. Add Technician Tracking and easily route all your same day service calls all the while getting same day service leads. Most GPS Tracking companies charge between $30-$50 per phone per month.
Website Services – Google has drastically changed the way they rank your website. If it is not designed correctly it will disappear off the Google Search Engine. Same Day Pros offers complete website services starting at $75 per month. Check out our Deluxe Website and SEO Package for a Limited Time Offer of $600 Per Month.
Same Day Pros– Last but not least, Same Day Pros was created by CEO Corey Robinson, A Professional Service Provider in the Carpet Cleaning Business for more than 20 years. In a recent article Mr Robinson said, ” I wanted to create a one stop platform for consumers to achieve their Same Day Service needs and give Professional Service Providers the lowest Same Day Service advertising rates possible”.

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