5 Real-Life lessons About Residential Snow Removal

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Are you already getting cold feet while thinking about the snow storms and chilly winters? You look at all the people living in Miami and Texas and just think how easy their life is. In areas like Illinois, the levels of snowfall are horrifying. Add to it the fact that you never actually figured out how to deal with residential snow removal, even when you’re outsourcing it, and you have a strong wish that the winter never comes.

But trust me! It’s not that difficult. You can also have that fantastic winter where you no longer worry about snow and cold. Here are some real-life lessons for you to make it possible.

1. Residential snow removal: DIY Vs Outsourcing

The first lesson is to help you make a choice – should you do it yourself or hire a snow plow company? If you DIY it, you can save some extra bucks, get exercise and enjoy the beautiful landscape around you covered with a thick blanket of snow.

But if you hire someone else, you reduce what you spend on buying equipment, avoid injuries, stay away from liabilities and keep your mornings stress-free. I would recommend you to hire a snow plowing service if you appreciate hassle-free mornings.

2. Be foresighted

Let’s say you live in Illinois. If you know, there will be a lot of snow fall, and then there will be those occasional snow storms, planning for the entire season while ignoring such snow storms is a stupid decision.

A lot of people act smart, do their research while picking a service, but they forget to ask whether the company is equipped to handle peak situations. A general pick up truck, plow and a little bit of salt may be enough usually, but during peak times or storms, it won’t be enough. Specialized equipment is a necessity.

Points to remember for such extreme situations

  1. A company must have heavy-duty trucks that can be used to move a large quantity of snow.
  2. It should have end-loaders and skid-steers to organize the snow piles and break the huge ice formations.
  3. It’ll need high-end deicing materials.

3.  Have thorough information about the availability

Commercial properties almost always need 24/7 availability for they need to meet the high safety standards for sidewalks. If they offer parking facilities, they need quick services for parking clearance as well. Residential properties don’t require urgent care but still, it’s a good idea to note down the timings and situations under which the service you hired will come in action. How thick the snow will be? At what time they start? Will they check the area frequently? Do they have a limit on the times they’ll remove the snow in one day?

Such information helps you deal with your expectations as well as be better prepared for whatever comes forth you.

4. Check out how they’re disposing of the snow

Most of the times snow are hauled to a side and left in a pile, away from the usual traffic. But it’s not the best solution every time. Leaving the pile near your house’s foundation can weaken it and may cause several issues. It may not be a good solution depending on specific conditions of the residential areas. Inquire if the snow removal service can offer you an alternative and has the equipment to transport the snow off-site. Snow melting machines are a good solution too.

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5. Choosing the right company

Do you know who’s the best person to advise you on how to choose an excellent residential snow removal service? It’s the person who has had worst experience with one. He can tell you about the worst mistakes aka the best life lessons regarding hiring one.

Out of my own experience and knowledge, I can inform you that reviews are the most important thing. Read every single review you can to learn about the company. Take every opinion into consideration. It’s even better if you can get hold of some recommendations directly from the company and get in touch with their other clients. Talk to them and inquire about the service. Ask different questions related to punctuality, professional behavior and response time.

The basics that you’re bound to forget is checking for the license and insurance. You may think that a company is well established, an assumption we often make by seeing some flyers and ads, but it can be totally the opposite. Ad agencies never check the licenses, and they don’t need to. You have to do that for your own convenience and safety.

These are the top 5 lessons about residential snow removal that I wanted to share with you. I also want to share about Same Day Pros service provider locator. You can locate the nearest service providers and connect with them directly using our app.

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