Is Shoveling Snow a Major Concern? Follow These 7 Useful Tips for a Safe Season!

Snow Shoveling

Winters have already said ‘Hello’ in Baltimore and has also brought its seasoned pal – the snow.

That time of the year is sure an incredible feeling!

But it doesn’t take long for this festive cheer adorned with appealing white aesthetics to turn into a feeling of bleakness.

With the advent of winter and snow comes slush, sleet, and blizzards.

Dealing with dropping temperatures can be a tedious task – mentally as well as physically.

Prolonged and heavy snowfall engulfs trees, houses, buildings, sidewalks and pavements – basically, anything and everything.

It also invites serious health hazards right from cold, flu, injuries to hypothermia.

Baltimore has been experiencing heavy snowfall for quite some time now, and it has substantially brought life to a standstill.

So we’ve listed some safety tips that will ease your task and will also prevent you from injuries and disasters.

4 Prerequisites of Shoveling Snow

1. Consult Your Family Physician

Snow removal is no child’s play. If you have ever done it in the past, then you know it drains your energy and severely strains your neck and back.

So always consult a physician before picking up the shovel.

2. Know When is Enough

Knowing when is enough will ensure that you don’t injure yourself while shoveling snow.

Give your health a higher significance and hire a professional snow removal company near you if you feel you’re unable to remove snow this winter.

3. Know What to Wear

Wear light and preferably loose clothing. This facilitates easy movements.

Don’t forget the essentials like jackets, gloves, mittens, snow-boots. These are, things that will keep you warm and comfortable.

4. Warm Up

Articles published on snow removal don’t really highlight the significance of warm-up.

You need to know that shoveling snow is a vigorous task.

So a warm-up is a must!

If ignored, you’re likely to suffer major injuries.

Just 5 to 10 minutes is more than enough.

3 Ways to Shovel Snow the Right Way

1. Choose the Right Shovel

Selection of the right shovel is of utmost importance.

While picking up the shovel check the height, weight, strength and also the material of the shovel. Don’t opt for the ones which stoop or require you to bend too much.

Ergonomically-designed shovels are made of light materials like plastic and work great for some while metal-designed for others.

Our recommendation – Pick the one which is more convenient for you.

To increase your leverage of the shovel, space out your hands for a better grip.

2. Push, not lift

The wrong technique employed during snow removal is likely to cause acute injuries and an unfortunate visit to the hospital.

The right way to shovel snow is by squatting your legs, bending your knees and using your legs as much as possible to lift the snow.

Avoid excessive drooping of your back and neck.

3. Take Breaks

Don’t over-exert yourself. Take frequent breaks and keep yourself hydrated as much as possible.

These are some of the crucial safety tips you should keep in mind while shoveling snow.

Ideally, the task of snow removal is best done by licensed snow removal companies especially when the temperatures drop.

This is because snow removal requires knowledge, skills and specialized equipment.

If you’re looking to get in touch with a professional snow removal company near you, you find a list of companies on Same Day Pros.

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