How Much do Professional Snow Removal Services Cost?

Professional Snow Removal Service Cost

A snow covered house looks beautiful – just like a winter wonderland. It looks amazing until you have to leave your warm place and make your way out to carry on with your daily routine.

Living in a colder area like Baltimore means dealing with snowfall every winter without fail.

Cleaning this snow on your own is quite tedious, not to forget how it can seriously hurt your back if not done properly and with the right equipment and tools.

So hiring a professional snow removal service can save a lot of time and effort.

It is tough to predict the exact cost of snow removal because there’s no way to predict how much will it snow each year.

That said, the prices aren’t as high as you think!

Most snow removal companies charge between $52 and $186. However, the exact cost depends on several factors as below.

Environmental Conditions and Response Time

The weather conditions can change at any time of the day.

If you suddenly experience heavy snowfall and need to call a snow removal service urgently, then you’ll be charged a bit more than usual.

This is due to the rise in demand plus how difficult it may be for the service professionals to remove the snow from the walkways, driveways and surrounding areas.

Areas that Need to be Cleaned

Do you know the total size of your property? Does it have speed bumps or various parking sections that needs cleaning? How many lots are present and are they connected to your property?

These are crucial aspects that can affect the snow removal cost. Consider all these factors and then finalize the cost.

Calculating the price in advance helps you compare estimates and then finalize a local snow removal company in your area.

Type of Equipment Used

Equipment used during the process of snow removal does affect the pricing.

Modern equipment will speed up the snow removal process, but will increase the cost.

On the other hand, traditional equipment will reduce the cost, but it may not be as effective and may not remove the snow entirely.

The Condition of Areas to be Cleaned

If the driveways, pathways and walkways consist of many curves and slopes, then it will certainly increase the snow removal cost.

This is because it will take extra time and effort to clean a complex area than a straight path.

Frequency of Removing Snow

Before you hire any snow removal company, ask them about their working process and how they charge.

Certain companies charge according to how many inches of snow needs to be removed. After the defined level, they will charge more.

On the other hand, there are companies that charge you by the season or even per plow.

A few companies do provide you with the option of one-time snow removal service. The only thing is that it might cost you much more!


The cost of removing snow also varies according to where you live. For instance, in regions of heavy snowfall like Buffalo, the price will be higher than Baltimore.

This is because snow can be more than six inches in these areas.

Is Hiring a Snow Removal Service in Baltimore Worth it?

The cost of snow removal is difficult to predict.

But the fact is that you’ll need to put in a tremendous amount of hard work, time as well as effort. Also, there are chances of serious injury when using the DIY approach.

However, hiring snow removal service ensures relief from all these difficulties.

Find a Snow Removal Service in Baltimore

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