Snow Removal – Should You Do It Yourself Or Hire A Service?

Snow Removal Services

Choosing to do it yourself when it comes to snow removal might save a few dollars, however it is important to be aware of certain safety issues and to remember that removing snow is hard, physical work and it is wise to take care, especially those who might not have one hundred percent physical fitness.

A 2011 emergency room study in Ontario, Canada, saw a seven percent increase in heart attack victims when the person had been shoveling snow, not to mention the number of back injuries that take place from doing this task.

If you choose to do this job yourself, make sure to stick to the following safety tips:

Hydrate – Don’t start work until you have hydrated properly. Warm fluids in a thermos while you are working is also a great idea.

Warm up – Be sure to do some stretching before heading out to warm up your muscles.

Ask for Help – If you can, ask a neighbor or your older kids to help. You may want to consider a snow removal service for the harder jobs, like getting on the roof.

Take Care When Lifting – When bending down be aware of the strain on your back. When lifting snow on the shovel, use your legs to lift, this alleviates stress to your back.

Just thinking about the injuries you could do to your back, it could be in your best interests to hire someone, a professional snow removal service. Before choosing a service, call them and ask about the following things:

Their equipment and services: Ask whether they use salt or other deicers when bad weather is on the way and what kind of service they offer, whether they plow your walkways and driveway.

How do they plan: Ask if they plan for what services will be needed, or if they visit your site in advance, so they can make plans on how to handle each snowfall and big storms.

Are if they a same day service: You want a service that can be there when you need them. So find out if they offer their services on-call or in case of an emergency.

How is the cost calculated: Find out the cost ahead of time and how you will be charged. Ask if it is a monthly charge and ask what each service will cost you. Most companies will give you a breakdown of their fees when you contact them for a quote.

You need to choose a snow removal service that do same day Pros. They are a national company who specialize in many different services. The also promise to deliver their services on the same day.

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