Snow Removal Tips & Tricks to Help You Save Time and Energy

Snow Removal Near Me

Snowfall can begin without any regard to your personal schedule and ruin a lot of your plans. It may not sound like a problem if you have making a snowman on your to-do list. However, if you have other plans listed, you might need to clear path for your car and drive away safely. With snow removal, it pays to prepare. Starting with the right equipment and sticking to the time tested methods for snow removal is definitely among the most important factors. Here’s some advice from the experts that will help you clear snow easier and faster, getting you through your routine in no time at all.

Snow Blower and Optimal Speed

If you’re planning to use a snow blower, experts believe that speed matters a lot. While going slow will not provide you with enough distance for your arc of blowing snow, blowing fast will spill the snow out of the machine. So it is necessary to experiment with the blowing speed until you come across an optimal speed to blow away the snow.

Moreover, your snow clearing technique should also vary depending on the type of property you own. For instance, in driveways with two-way clearance, make sure you start with the middle and throw snow towards any one edge of the driveway. Later, come back to the other side and keep alternating paths to clear the snow on subsequent passes. Most often, a second pass is not required at all.

Blower safety

Taking care of blower operation safety terms is necessary to make sure that you do not get injured during the process. In fact, injuries due to carelessness during snow removal resulted in more than three thousand hospital visits in 2012. It is crucial that you take frequent breaks and avoid over exerting yourself in the process. Also, it is advised not to clean the auger with your hands.

Snow removal is not as easy as it sounds, and recurring snowfall can make it even more worse. In case you’re not aware of the proper snow removal techniques or do not have the time to clean your driveway or parking lot yourself, hiring a professional snow removal service is your best bet.

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