Some Snow Removal Secrets Straight from the Experts

Snow Removal Companies

A snow blanket all over your driveway or garden may seem like a beautiful sight to behold. However, wait till you need to get out of the house or drive to work to understand how it can quickly turn into a headache. Instead of just turning on the snow blower and plowing your way to a snow-free parking lot, here are some smart tips right from the experts’ handbook, that will make things much easier for you the next time.

1. Protecting the greens : Prepare for the heavy snowfall days by driving tall stakes around flower beds near your parking lot or driveway, so that next time you go plowing, the stakes will give you a clear idea about where to stop shoveling. Moreover, if the leaves get laden with snow, do not try to shake them off to get rid of the snow, as it will only damage them even further.

2. Using melter before it snows : Use a garden sprayer to spray a blend of liquid magnesium chloride, a few hours before you sense snowfall. It will keep the ice from bonding strongly to the hard surfaces around and also melt down slow accumulations. Use one gallon of the blend per 1,000 square feet to strike a balance.

3. Avoiding to stall : Experts believe that it is important to keep shoveling several times, even while it’s snowing so that the snow does not get any chance to bond strongly with the surface. Shoveling the snow regularly will make sure that sunlight reaches the ground and prevents ice formation.

Driving down a snow covered lane is dangerous and so is trying to remove the snow without any experience or expertise. In such cases, it is best suited that you hire a snow removal professional to do the job for you.

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