Top 8 Tips to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly Home

People nowadays are becoming more and more aware that there is a need to take a step toward being more eco-friendly. Last month, we just celebrated Earth Day 2022, and the call was to invest in our planet. Let Same Day Pros quote the organizers “A healthy planet is not an option – it is a necessity”. They have also shared several helpful actions and tips that we can do to make a difference for our planet, ranging from switching to reusable bags and water bottles, picking up trash during one of your runs to turning off the lights when not in use. With the rising environmental concerns and awareness, it is no wonder that homeowners would want to also apply changes in their homes. We have actually received many queries from homeowners wanting to make some changes in their homes to be greener, from small home improvement projects to major renovations and installations. 

Eco-friendly, sustainable homes are fast becoming one of the biggest property trends, aside from smart homes. And this is something homeowners should consider — going for eco-friendly and sustainable home improvement to not only reduce our impact on the environment but to also improve our health and even help us become more energy-efficient (hello, savings). If you are interested in going green, we are here to help you out by sharing the top tips to make your home eco-friendly. Some of the things that you could do is investing in energy-efficient light bulbs, getting your windows double glazed, considering a cool roof, choosing water-based paints, and more. There is simply a wide range of things that you could consider doing. 

To start with and to further convince you to go green, here are the advantages of an eco-friendly home:

Eco Friendly Home Benefit

  1. Energy and Water Efficiency 

    With skyrocketing prices of bills, homeowners are looking for ways to cut down expenses. And one way to do this is to go green. Energy efficiency and water conservation = lower expenses. Depending on what you will do, the initial setup cost may be high but you are guaranteed that return on investment is also high, as you will earn it back through the savings that you’ll make month by month.

  2. Environment Benefits 

    Most likely this is the main reason why you would like to explore having an eco-friendly home. Reducing carbon footprint (this is the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere) will slow down the pace of climate change, reduce pollution, and more, and is one of the main motivations for many.

  3. Increase in Property Value

    Green homes are a good investment in the real estate market and attract a much higher property value compared with their non-green counterparts. Eco-friendly homes are now a good selling point, especially with people leaning on an environment-friendly way of life.

  4. Low maintenance 

    If you are planning to build a new home or would like to renovate, choosing eco-friendly materials is definitely cost-effective, requiring low maintenance over time with a guarantee of being durable. Sustainability is the key to green homes aside from reduced environmental impact.

  5. Healthy and safe indoor environment

    If you decide for your household to go green, one way to do so is by not using harmful chemicals to reduce introducing pollutants to the environment. This will in turn benefit your family as it will create a safer and healthier home indoor environment.

    If you are convinced to take the step of having an eco-friendly home, read on.

Here are the top tips to make your home eco-friendly:

  1. Invest in energy-efficient bulbs – choose LED

    Led Lights

    Upgrading to LED lights is one of the easiest green improvements that you can make. Did you know that LED lights use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lighting? It also lasts 25 times longer. This subtle change would make a difference in your bill as lighting accounts for about 9% of typical energy use in a household. 

    In addition to using less energy, LED lights also emit less heat compared to standard bulbs. This means that during summer times, there will be extra support to your air conditioner so that it won’t have to work harder to cool the room. 

    Additional tip: Choose ENERGY STAR-rated products. There are also different LED lights available to fit your requirements, you have a range of choices, from recessed lighting to dimming switches.

  2. Invest in renewable energy, consider installing solar panels

    If you want to take that extra step, exploring renewable energy is a good direction to go, particularly the installation of solar panels. Most households are on a grid to get the energy needed to power the house. The energy is from non-sustainable sources like gas or oil, while if your household will use solar panels, it will be converting the energy from the sun into electricity. Using solar panels will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will take a huge slash off your utility bill.

    Solar panels are not cheap, but you should consider them as a long-term investment. In the long run, you will be saving more money than you have initially spent. Many people are also not aware that the government offers incentives for solar panels, so that’s another good reason to consider this. Head to the website of the Department of Energy for more information.

    Need a quote for solar system installation? We have some experts here.

  3. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances

    Upgrade to energy appliances

    If you are thinking of replacing an appliance, it is best to choose Energy Star certified ones. Invest in energy-efficient models, particularly for your television, refrigerators, water heater, ovens, washing machine, or any cooling or heating appliances. Sure, they will cost more, but the energy bill savings month by month will surely pay off the price difference plus it is also more durable, so they will last longer than their non-energy efficient counterparts.

    Did you know that if you purchase an Energy Star washing machine, it will only use 50% of energy and 50% less water than the standard ones?

  4. Use a Smart Thermostat

    If you want to make your home greener and at the same time lower your utility bill, then consider installing a smart thermostat instead of just having a manual thermostat. 

    A smart thermostat is perfect for being able to control your cooling and heating system. It enables you to control the temperature even when you are outside your home. You can also program your smart thermostat to kick in when you start coming home, or your HVAC to run less while you are out. 

    There are a lot of smart thermostats available in the market to choose from. You might want to check out this review from New York Times for ideas on the best thermostat this 2022. 

  5. Use organic cleaning products

    Organic Cleaning Products

    A lot of household cleaning products are packed with lots of toxins that are yes effective to kill bacteria but are not exactly that great for the environment. With this in mind, you can consider using organic cleaning products that are also effective and of course environmentally friendly. 

    A fair warning, organic products could be more expensive than regular ones. As an alternative, you can maybe even step up in whipping up something out of your kitchen (lemon juice, vinegar, and bi-carb soda combo do wonders!) for cleaning. 

  6. Double glaze your windows

    If you aim to save on energy bills, one way to do it is by double glazing your window. There is an expensive upfront but you will use less cooling and heating while keeping your home well insulated, thus promoting sustainability. 

    So why is this good for the environment? With it reducing the burden on our power grid, it also lowers your carbon footprint. 

  7. Choose water-based paints

    Use Water Based Paints

    If you are thinking of repainting your home, choose water-based paints if suitable to your requirements. Water-based paints give off fewer toxins compared to oil-based ones, so it is a better choice for the environment and your health. In addition, it is odor-free and easy to apply.

  8. Consider a cool roof

    If your roof needs replacement, consider having a cool roof. Why is it an environmentally-friendly move? It can reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, as it lowers energy demand. It helps fight climate change.

    According to the Department of Energy, “a cool roof is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof”. They also listed down the benefits of cool roofs like it decreases air-conditioning needs (thus lower temperature), it can help your household qualify for rebates from government programs, and may even extend roof service life.

    Click here to read more information regarding cool roofs from the Department of Energy.

Other ways for your home to go greener:


  • Install a smart meter to monitor your energy usage.
  • Use curtains to avoid heat loss and reduce your bills.
  • Start cultivating your garden because even just an indoor herb garden can do wonders to the environment and personal health.
  • Consider starting a compost pit and turning your waste into something more useful.
  • Always consider ways to “reduce, reuse and recycle”.
  • If you have leaking toilets and faucets, fix them immediately to avoid wastage and promote sustainability.
  • Consider upgrading to a newer and more efficient low-flow toilet to reduce the water you use to flush.
  • Go paperless to reduce waste. This will cut down paper usage, which in turn cut down the number of trees being killed to produce the paper. 
  • Make sure that the gaps around your windows and floors are sealed for energy efficiency. If you want to replace your windows, click here.

The above examples are only some of the ways that you can make your home eco-friendly. It could range from simple things down to major installations or upgrade, but no matter how small or great the effort you are putting into going greener, you are taking a stand in helping out our environment. In addition, you will be promoting sustainability and reap the benefits like huge savings in terms of electricity.

If you are planning to do home renovations, upgrades, repairs, or any home improvement projects, make sure to ask if there are eco-friendly solutions available for you.

If you need reliable professionals, click here for quotations.

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