9 Reasons Why You Should Remove The Tree Immediately

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We’re totally against deforestation. We support tree plantation as much as we can but sometimes, it gets tough to stay true to that thought. The trees that exist in your yard may look beautiful for years and have lots of memories attached to them, but just like any other thing created by nature, it has its lifespan. Once it’s past its lifespan, it’s time for it to go.

With trees, it gets difficult to decide when is that right time to say goodbye. Of course, an inspection by a tree service can be of great assistance, but apparently, you wouldn’t just call a service and ask them to check the tree just like that. There must be some signs that you require an inspection or tree removal. In this post, you will find all those signs and reasons why you must remove your favorite tree immediately.

Why call a tree service to remove a dead tree?

Dead trees are deadly. Yes, we often try to rhyme what we write, but that doesn’t affect the point we want to make. Dead trees can cause a lot of damage. Here are some examples:

Dead trees cannot survive the storm: Dead trees become weak, and their branches are more likely to fall due to the storm or wind than any other tree in your yard. They create problems when they fall. You can get stuck inside your house for the house due to a fallen tree or branch. Or your pets or a family member may suffer injuries in an unlucky accident. Both are undesirable situations. Aren’t they? That’s why it’s important to get rid of the dangerous branches and trees before they breed trouble for you.

Dead trees spread contagious diseases: Have you noticed yellow patches on the old tree? Those patches can easily get transferred to every other tree in your yard. You have one dead tree, and if you don’t get it removed on time, your entire garden will be at risk. There are several other tree diseases which can be the actual reason behind the death of your beloved tree. Most of these are contagious and can spread to other trees. Therefore, you need proper tree removal before the disease spreads.

Dead trees can lead to pest infestation: First of all, dead trees, in general, attract a lot of pests. Most common among these are rats and termites. Termites infection can be severe as we discussed in our post about termite control. Rats aren’t appealing either. The bigger problem is that once these pests dwell in the dead tree, they can quickly invade your home for it’s in the close vicinity and these creatures like to explore. So, whatever money or time you will save by not hiring a tree service, would be spent on pest control services. What’s the better and cheaper option? We think you already know the answer!

Dead trees spoil your garden’s appeal: Why do you have trees in your yard? Because it looks so good. It also acts as a fantastic spot for all the fun activities of kids. But once a tree is dead, all those benefits wither away. It is nothing but a dangerous eyesore.

By now it’s pretty clear, that dead trees are a danger for the landscape around you. There’s no plausible reason why you might still decide to keep it. Eventually, you will have to get rid of it. Better make it quick.

What are other well-thought reasons of tree removal?

1. The trees are causing lawn damage

Let’s accept that a healthy lawn is the dream of every house owner. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and useful. It can be your favorite spot to chill in summer evenings. But if you have huge trees that overshadow the lawn area, you’re more likely to see dry and yellow patches of grass. The trees will block the sunlight and make your lawn decay. You will be forced to hire a tree service either for tree trimming or tree removal. There are no second thoughts on this issue.

2. The tree is growing too close to your house’s foundation

It’s common knowledge that you must never plant trees or even have small plants very near to your home’s foundation. But trees grow so rapidly, and the roots are so extensive that sometimes it gets tough to control it. The roots can severely damage the foundation. So, if you notice the tree growing very close to the foundation, you should act immediately and get this issue fixed.

3. The tree is weak and leaning towards your house

Isn’t it obvious? A weak tree cannot endure storm damage. Its branches can be easily damaged and fall. Now, if the tree is leaning in the direction of your house, it becomes even more worrisome. A small storm will not only cause tree damage but can also cause roof damage. Just think of how much additional expenditure you will have if you give the tree a chance to cause such havoc!

4. The tree has structural issues

Let us warn you! It isn’t very obvious that trees with following issues must be removed, but you will benefit from this in the long run. For example, an unhealthy tree will eventually decay or cause pest infestation all around you. If you notice the internal structural delay in the tree, it also requires quick action. Bad crotch and cracks in the trunk are troublesome issues with the trees and most of the times; the only solution is tree removal. However, we suggest that you call a tree service to check the current condition, and they will be able to advise you better through their inspection.

5. The tree is way too close to power lines

Again one small storm is enough to break those power lines and leave you in a blackout situation. Moreover, a tree which is too big for the landscape it’s currently planted in will never be able to grow properly. It will always face diseases and growth issues. It’s better to get it removed and replaced with a tree that’s more suitable to the landscape.

There you have it! Nine reasons why you must go for tree removal. Not because someone is asking you to do it, but because it’s necessary for your good. But remember that if you’re going to do it, you must not do it yourself. Tree removal is very dangerous and must be done by an expert tree service only.

Are you still not sure whether you should go for tree removal or not? Tell us the situation and we will ask the experts to suggest you!

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  1. It’s interesting to know that dead trees become weak, and their branches are more likely to fall due to the storm or wind. My husband and I moved to a new house, and we are looking for advice about a dead tree in our backyard. I will call a tree removal company to help us with that problem before an accident happens.

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