5 Must-Know Secrets For Water Extraction Business Owners

5 Must-Know Secrets For Water Extraction Business Owners

Running a water extraction business is no child’s play. Unlike other firms, this business depends heavily on referrals and efficient management. You mess up at one step, and you will have to pay a hefty price.

The way you run this business is very different. Typical marketing techniques cannot be implied. Even a slight dent in the service cannot be afforded. A little mismanagement is catastrophic.

If you are a beginner in this business or are looking for reasons why you are not growing as you plan to, we have some tips that can help. These are the must-knows for a water extraction business owner.

1. You do not need expensive advertising. You need effective advertising.

Spending money on usual direct advertisements like flyers, brochures and reward programs is a big no-no. These advertisement techniques would never bring you good results.

So, what kind of publicity works for a business like yours? To understand that you must know that the key to effective advertising lies in the fact that you need to pop up in front of the customer right when he is looking for water extraction services. Also, note that the client would be in great distress and hurry due to the emergency situation. He would want to make a quick but right decision.

What do you do when you immediately need to find out about something? Today’s generation looks over the internet. People use search engines like Google to locate the information, and if it is a service or product, they move on to find reviews about it.

The effective advertisement should lead you to the top of search engine results. Thus, your water extraction business requires you to focus on search engine optimization, PPC ad campaigns and online advertising platforms like Same Day Pros which lists on-demand local service professionals and is an emerging hub that can be a boon for your business.

2. Build contacts with insurance companies and brokers

The choice of a water extraction service is highly affected by the referrals provided by the insurance companies. When a person faces a water emergency, the first thing he does is take care of the insurance claim. Thus, the first point of contact are the insurance company executives. There are high chances that a person who is facing such an emergency situation for the first time would ask that official about some references.

This means these insurances guys can bring you much business through references. Therefore, you must work on building quality contacts with these people and establish a win-win relationship. You get more business, and these people get help in setting the claim as soon as possible.

You can also join related networks that might exist in your city for more exposure and references.

3. You must offer full restoration services package

Offering just water extraction service through your business can significantly decrease the leads you get. This is because of the insurance companies. We hope you have understood how important they can be in sending you more clients. However, to make them promote your business, you need to offer great return to these people. What an insurance company executive wants the most in a water logging situation? To set the claim as soon as possible.

Such an application includes full water damage restorations costs along with the water extraction. Insurance companies would never prefer you to others in case you are not able to provide them all the services required. They would not prefer to deal with different people for different tasks.

Therefore, if you’ve been offering just water extraction services, consider upgrading. You must be other services like water & fire damage restoration, dehumidification, mold remediation, cleaning, carpet cleaning, sewage cleanup, odor & smoke elimination, sanitization, crawl space & structural drying, debris removal, carpet cleaning, and other repairs. Don’t forget that you must offer 24-hour services.

4. Make sure you’ve all the documents and certifications

A significant chunk of your work would be dealing with the insurance companies. To be able to go smoothly through this process, you require proper certifications and licenses.

Make sure you have these documents like your business license, liability insurance, bonding coverage and specific certifications for different services offered, in place.

We think it is not necessary to mention that you must have all the required equipment in working conditions. Right?

5. Adequate management is a must

Hire only skilled technicians for the job for you cannot afford a single mistake in this kind of service. Before you send the technicians to work, make sure you have built and thoroughly discuss the work plan with them.

Considering that you’ve experience with water extraction jobs, we believe you would understand why this step is so important. If you do not follow the work plan, you may end with more damage to the customer’s property.

Did you manage to understand why these must-knows are critical for the success of your water extraction business?

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