Professional Waterproofing Terminology

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In many homes, you may have heard other homeowners talk about waterproofing their basements or interior walls. There are many different terms that waterproofing professionals use to talk about both basement waterproofing strategies and the consequences of inadequate professional waterproofing.

Here at we want you to be prepared as possible. We have compiled a list of terminology  to help educate you on the waterproofing process.

Water Table – When a waterproofing professional refers to the level where soil and materials below ground are saturated with groundwater in the vicinity of your home. Flooding can happen when surface tension causes the water level to extend above the water table. If this is happening you should have a professional waterproofing contractor come in and asses the situation

Sump Pump – Is a device that pumps excess groundwater out from a pit below your basement.

Water Seepage – This is water oozing through floors or walls of the basement

Drywell -Waterproofing professionals dig a gravel-filled hole where water drained from sump pumps can go.

Crawl Space Encapsulation – This prevents water damage in your crawlspace, ” which essentially seals this area off from water penetration.

Effective basement and crawlspace waterproofing you need to use a variety of strategies to keep these below-ground level areas of your home dry and mold-free. To do this you should always hire a local waterproofing professional.

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