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Why it is Important to Clean Carpets Regularly?

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Did you know that the most common carpet stains are chocolate, fruit punch or dye-based drink like Kool-Aid, grease, red or white wine and candle wax?

How many times have you found yourself trying to get rid of these stains and more?

Probably a lot!

If you have kids and pets around, it’s impossible to maintain a clean carpet on your own. You’ll need to regularly call a professional carpet cleaner near you to get the carpets back to their original condition.

Graham Martin from Flagstaff, Arizona did exactly that.

He had a great experience when he found a carpet cleaner on Same Day Pros. This is what he said, “Going from site to site I stumbled across Same Day Pros. I found my carpet cleaner that was actually only about 5 miles away. Most websites are cumbersome to use. With Same Day Pros it was as easy as 1-2-3. I didn’t even have to register or put in my email. I will definitely use Same Day Pros again.”

So why don’t you also find a carpet cleaner near you today?

Carpet Cleaning Costs

What are the Average Costs of Cleaning Carpets?

The cost for this job depends on your location, the kind of cleaning method you need for your carpet and the type of products used.

That said, such services tend to be more expensive in the Northeastern and Western United States. But on an average, you can expect to spend about $150 for cleaning carpets.

Usually, the price varies between $100 and $300.

Most professional cleaning companies set their prices based on the number of rooms. You’ll also find some companies that charge per sq. ft. So depending on the carpeted areas of your home, you can select the one that best suits you.

Additional Costs

Are There any Additional Costs to Clean the Carpets?

Yes and no! Confused? Don’t be. Let us explain.

There are a number of additional services or extra costs certain companies charge over and above the cost of cleaning carpets. Primarily, this depends on the local carpet cleaning company. Some choose to include it as part of a package while some don’t.

Here are a few services that you may have to pay extra for.

Stain Removal & Spot Treatment

Of course, this entirely depends on how dirty the carpets are.

Stain removal and spot treatment are usually optional, but you can ask the company to do them by paying extra.

That said, they’re highly recommended by the carpet cleaners.

Moving Furniture

This is something that is entirely dependent on the company.

Some include this as part of the cleaning package, while some don’t. Those companies that don’t include moving furniture in their quote may do it, but at an extra cost.


If you’ve a carpeted staircase, then it could mean an added cost if you choose to get them cleaned as well.


Use of additional cleaning products like deodorizer, detergent booster, odor treatment, sanitizer and stain guard may mean extra charges.

Fees & Surcharges

Make sure you check about other fees or taxes that a company may add.

This is because not all companies have an add-on fee such as chemical fee, destination fee, fuel surcharge and more. More often than not, these are included. But it is always better to check in advance.

# Quick Tip

Certain companies offer more than just cleaning as a service. Add services like tile & grout cleaning or dryer vent cleaning and get a great deal!

When to Hire a Local Carpet Cleaning Service?

local carpet cleaning cost

There are plenty of advantages of hiring a professional to clean your carpets.

However, there are a lot of people who wish to clean the carpets on their own. While this may definitely save money, they’d still need to invest in cleaning equipment and products.

As a rule of thumb, if only a small or one portion of your home is carpeted, a DIY approach would make sense. But if a large area or more than one room has carpets, then it’s best to call in the professionals.

Benefits of Hiring a Pro

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

Although there are several ways you can make sure that your carpets are clean all the time, there are plenty of benefits of hiring a local carpet cleaning company near you.

All Carpets are Not the Same

Depending on the fibers and the way they are made, each carpet requires to be treated differently. You may have a synthetic carpet in one room and a woolen in the other.

Professional carpet cleaners know the difference between them and will use cleaning methods accordingly.

Renting or Buying an Equipment

With professionals taking care of cleaning your carpets, you no longer need to rent or buy any carpet cleaning equipment.

Besides, most store-bought equipment are not as effective as the ones they use.

Skilled Personnel

The professionals have a good understanding of any stains and know what it takes to remove them. They have the necessary training and qualifications.

They use their knowledge to make sure that the stains are removed without damaging your carpets.

Yet many homeowners attempt to clean their carpets on their own. This requires a considerable amount of time and effort. They need to fit this around their busy schedules, which is not possible all the time.

A DIY approach often results in an unfinished job. Hence, it makes sense to get in touch with a local pro.

Before Pro Arrives

Preparation Checklist Before the Carpet Cleaner Arrive at Your Home

If you’ve decided to call a professional company, then there are a few things that you can do to make their job easier.

Here’s how you can prepare before they arrive.


Some companies may include this as a part of their cleaning package. But if they don’t or they charge extra, you need to vacuum before they arrive.

A pre-vacuum will assure the removal of debris and dirt from the carpet fiber. This will help the carpet cleaner focus on the dirtier areas of your carpet.

Remove Smaller Items

Remove things like clothes, toys, floor lamps, shoes and any such items that can come in the way of the carpet cleaner.

Lift up drapes and bedspreads too, if needed.

Move Furniture

If moving furniture is not included in their services, then move the furniture before they arrive. This make certain wall-to-wall cleaning.

Put Your Pets Away

If you have pets, put them in another room or leave them with the neighbors until the cleaning process is complete.

This will make sure that they are not in the way, plus they will be away from chemicals that will be used to clean the carpets.


carpet cleaners near me

What are the Different Methods to Clean Carpets?

Companies that clean carpets use many cleaning methods. Here are four of the most common processes they use.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most popular deep cleaning process that helps to free the dirt and grime that get caught up in the fibers of the carpet. It combines the use of quality chemicals, along with a high-pressure blast of steam and hot water resulting in a clean and dirt free carpet.

Most carpets take six to eight hours to dry. However, some may take up to 24 hours as well.

Irrespective of the drying time, make sure that the carpet is not used during that period.

Dry Cleaning

This method allows a moisture free technology to clean carpets. It uses specialized machines, along with chemicals. When treated with this method, your carpet will take between two and three hours to dry.

This technique cleans the carpets thoroughly by removing allergens, dirt, grit, sand and stains, transforming them into healthier carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

This technique is suitable for loop pile carpets and isn’t recommended for residential cleaning.

This method is great for commercial spaces because it involves three procedures, making sure a thorough cleaning process. Hence, it’s advised for spaces with heavy traffic only.

Since bonnet cleaning involves an exhaustive process, it can take about 103 hours for the carpets to dry.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is the original method of cleaning carpets.

This process involves the use of a foamy chemical and a motorized circular brush. After spreading the chemical on the carpets, the brush scrubs it thoroughly.

This method is great for a low-pile and heavily soiled carpet. However, there is no extraction process. So pre-vacuuming the carpets is required to get rid of soil and residue.

But many companies recommend steam cleaning as it’s more effective than carpet shampooing.

Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

What do You need to Look for Before Hiring Local Carpet Cleaners?
Check for License: When hiring a contractor for the job, ask for the local and state license. Don’t forget to check the validity of the license.

Verify the Insurance: Ask for the proof of workman’s compensation and liability insurance.

Business Stability: Preferably, hire a company that has been in business for a long time.

Check Reviews Online: Checking reviews online can help you make a better decision. So, invest a good amount of time in doing that.

References: Ask for references always. You can even call the references and find out about their services.

Ask for Estimates: Ask for a free estimate. Make sure everything is included like what is covered, any extra charges, etc.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Choose companies that offer satisfaction guarantee. In this way, you can ensure a job well done.


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