5 Advantages You Have as a Same Day Pros Service Provider

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For years, many home improvement service providers across the United States are facing various issues – from the shortage of skilled labor, skyrocketing marketing costs, stiff competition, to rising overhead costs. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t also make things easier for service contractors. But these challenges also present opportunities for home improvement services, as consumers, particularly homeowners, are increasingly recognizing the advantages of hiring on-demand professional service providers.

With the tech-savvy generation making up a huge chunk of consumers (Millennials will make up for 75% of the global workforce in 2025 – Forbes) service electricians, plumbers, roofers, painters, and other contractors should leverage online marketing.

Why should professional service providers market online?

  • More and more consumers use search engines, like Google, to locate home improvement/ home service providers
  • Increased competition means providers should look for alternative ways to generate leads
  • Showcase the company’s portfolio online (services/products, previous projects, customer reviews, etc.)

However, the reality is that not all professional service providers are adept in online marketing. And this is fully understandable as the internet is a whole other world from the type of services they provide. This is where Same Day Pros comes to help.

Same Day Pros is an online GPS-based company that connects consumers with professional same-day service providers who operate within their neighborhood. This means, you, as our contractor only receive filtered and qualified inquiries from consumers located within your service area.

There are more benefits our professional service providers enjoy when they register as a Same Day Pros contractor.

5 Advantages You Have Versus Other Pros

  1. Get Quality Leads

    We understand how important high-quality leads are for service providers. That’s why our team at Same Day Pros contacts the project owner first to confirm not only their contact information but also their intent to hire. Each lead that you receive in your inbox is pre-qualified, saving you time and also giving you a higher chance of closing a deal.

  2. Avoid Bidding Wars

    As our service provider, you do not compete with others as you only receive exclusive leads. Our GPS-based technology connects the consumer to the nearest same-day professional who is servicing their area.

    Our pros also have the option to get access to share or aged leads, which are offered at a discounted price.

  3. Receive Real-Time Notifications

    The recently updated Same Day Pros app provides you access to your dashboard conveniently wherever you are. Contractors can also monitor leads and receive real-time notifications as soon as a consumer does a call out to look for their service.

    Get the Same Day Pros App here:


  4. Have Full Profile Control

    When you signed up as a Same Day Pros service provider, you already have full control over your profile. Pros can highlight what services they offer, share their credentials and their customer reviews.

    Our pros can also add to their profile as many employees as they want so that their staff could be located by possible leads even when they’re out in the field (as long as they have their GPS location activated).

  5. Choose How You Pay

    As our service contractor, you can also set up a budget and select how you pay either as “pay as you go” or add funds to their Same Day Pros wallet.

    In addition, you are backed up with the Same Day Pros Guarantee. This guarantee is one of the best return policies in the industry. All of our contractors are given five days to return a bad lead (because we understand that not every lead will pan out) and we will provide them credit towards the next lead, no questions asked!

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