5 Tips to Turn Your Customers Into Your Brand Ambassadors

happy clients

Customers are the lifeblood of the business in any type of industry. It only makes sense that clients should have a positive experience from the first touch point (a customer’s first experience with a brand) and even after the project is completed.

Creating a strong relationship with your client ensures that they will be happy to use your home improvement service again and gives you a greater chance that they will also refer you to their friends and family. Keep in mind that homeowners want to find a reliable contractor they can trust for their future projects so it’s vital that you make a good impression from the start and continue to stay connected with them. Here are tips from Same Day Pros on how you can turn your clients into your own brand ambassadors.

  1. Be as Clear as You Can

    You may be an expert on every step that it takes to complete the job, but don’t expect your client to have the same understanding as you. A homeowner, for example, may not fully grasp what happens during an electrical rewiring. They may not realize that rewiring a house can be messy and could entail removing drywall.

    A simple email or document providing an outline (provide essential details) of what the client should expect during the project and a note that they could reach out to you for any questions and concerns will help them feel that they are involved in the project.

  2. Communicate Regularly

    The way you communicate with your customer should be as consistent as you were talking to them when they were still prospects. Make sure that you provide your client with an easy way to get in touch with you. They will surely appreciate it if you give them updates about the project and that you immediately respond and take action if they have any concerns. Try to provide them with concrete plans to assure them that their concerns will be taken care of.

    Additional tip: Communication is also vital in turning leads into customers. Did you know that 88% of potential customers expect businesses to respond to their inquiries within 60 minutes of delivery? The Same Day Pros app enables contractors to receive real-time notifications as soon as a prospect makes a call out to look for your services.

  3. Keep Things Professional

    Being a reliable contractor means having the ability to meet the project’s goals, deadline, and budget. In addition to that, being a professional contractor means making sure that you and your team look presentable when going on-site and maintaining a positive attitude even when presented with challenges along the way.

  4. Listen to their Needs

    Never assume that you already know what your client needs just by inspecting their property. Make sure to listen to the homeowner to fully understand their requirements. And again, remember that your customers are not pro contractors, so you have to take the time to explain why and what you’re doing.

  5. Follow-up

    There are certain ways to stay connected to your customers even after you’ve finished the project. Try asking them for any feedback or if they have other concerns. Ask them to write a review about your service. Take this as an opportunity to also thank them for choosing you as their contractor. You can also give your customers a special offer, like a discount or a gift card if they refer someone to you.


To sum it up, the key to turning your customers into your brand ambassadors is to give them a good impression of your services as their home service contractor. Being clear, keeping communication lines open, keeping things professional, and letting them know that they can rely on you even after the project is completed all contribute to them having a positive experience with your company. This, in turn, will create happy clients who are more than willing to recommend you to others.