4 Quick Ways to Get the Attention of Your Qualified Leads

Get Lead Attention

The sales cycle is basically a journey that a prospect undergoes before finally reaching the end of the funnel of closing a deal. As a business owner, your target is to convert a lead into paying customers. When it comes to leads, we could categorize them into two: the average leads (show interest but won’t most likely convert into lead) and the qualified leads (these are hot prospects that are not only interested but have the intention to know more about a product or service and eventually hire or purchase). There are of course ways to segregate leads that will come into a business (will share with you soon), but generally, to conserve energy, businesses will, of course, pursue and focus on the qualified leads.

The good news is that being a part of the Same Day Pros, you won’t have to undergo “sorting out” the leads, as we will do it for you. We deliver qualified confirmed leads backed by our Same Day Pros guarantee. So, the first part of the sales cycle is covered by us to support your business. But the next part is on you, how you will attract those leads and seal the deal.

Your chances of closing a deal are of course high when dealing with qualified leads, however, most likely, those qualified leads have also checked out other contractors. Competition exists so you also have to step up your game.

So here are 4 quicks ways that could get your lead’s attention and stir them away from competition:

  • Implement good customer service from the very start – no matter how small or how big your business is, having good customer service is a must. But what would set your business apart is when you do this right from the very start of your encounter and not when the deal is close. Showcase your good communication skills and start by providing a quick response time to queries. The quicker you respond, the higher the chance of establishing a good relationship with your lead. Customers will associate your response time with professionalism, your intention to attend to them quickly and them being high on the priority list. A customer-first approach should be your secret weapon, as this will show that you truly value them.
  • Stay on top of your online profiles – whether it’s your profile here in Same Day Pros, business listings, social media pages and website, the key here is to stay on top of your profile. Post updates, add before and after pictures from past projects, showcase those five-star reviews from former clients and you can even consider putting in videos while in action. Responding to messages, comments and reviews will also go a long way. This gives your potential customer the impression that you are active, available, and reliable, increasing their confidence in you even before a project starts.
  • Establish trust by quickly addressing homeowners’ fears upfront – your good listening skills will go handy. The moment you sense uncertainty and even fear from homeowners, address them head on. Answer all of their questions, make sure that everything is covered, especially common concerns from homeowners, like timeline, cost and results. Be transparent and honest. Even after the initial call, make them feel that the lines are always open for more questions, you can also give out suggestions and recommendations. All of this will lead to your business establishing trust.
  • Offer discounts or special deals if any – if your niche is a bit saturated, you can consider throwing in well-timed deals and discounts every now and then. An example of this is a free extended workmanship warranty.

The doors have been opened when the qualified leads were handed in your inbox, your job is to make a connection, earn their trust, and of course showcase that you are the right contractor for the job.