Pro Tips: How Can Plumbers Get Ahead of the Competition

Tips for Plumbers

As you know, homeowners rely on plumbers for a lot of things – from fixing old, leaky pipes, unclogging toilets and drains, to installing heaters. Other plumbing companies also offer HVAC, sprinkler systems, and fire sprinkler system installations. With a wide variety of services that plumbing experts can provide, surely there’s always a market for their offerings.

Even during the pandemic, the plumbing industry didn’t show signs of slowing down. The plumbing business is even projected to experience “substantial growth” in the coming years. This growth is also evident in the increasing number of plumbing businesses 129,517 (2022) in the US, with California, Florida, and Texas having the highest number of plumbing companies.

Although the future seems bright in plumbing, the challenge here is how can one stand out from the others. If you’re a professional plumber or own a plumbing company and you’re wondering why other local plumbing companies get a great share of business than yours, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll share with you ways how to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more customers.

Ways to Grow Your Plumbing Business

Build an online presence

In today’s modern world, one key to putting your business out there is to establish an online presence. If your goal is to grow your plumbing company (or any other business) you have to make yourself visible on the internet. Sure, word-of-mouth could still be an effective marketing strategy for your business, but you also have to consider this: 54% of homeowners run their research for plumbers via a search engine, while 93% of these consumers call the plumbing company after a search.

How can you make yourself more visible online? You can start by investing in a website where you can feature the services you offer, include testimonials and reviews from past clients, and show off the awards or certificates you hold. You can also create social media accounts where you can post relevant information and start engaging with potential clients.

Be a thought leader

Speaking of relevant information, you should use your online platforms to provide helpful tips and tricks for your target audience. But would giving free advice keep prospects from calling you for help? Not really.

Of course, you have to be strategic on what you share on your blog or social media accounts – think of “how-to topics” that will solve or prevent the most basic plumbing issues. Doing this will build you a reputation that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re the go-to professional that could help them when it comes to plumbing.

Work with other home services providers

Another tip to close deals is to partner with other home service companies (e.g. remodeling contractors, electricians, landscapers, etc.) that share the same market as yours. For example, a remodeling contractor will most likely need the expertise of a plumber when they remodel bathrooms or kitchens; and you could also recommend their company if a customer asks you for a referral.

Leave a good impression

It’s no denying that word-of-mouth remains the cheapest (because it’s absolutely free!) way to market your plumbing business.

From your first encounter with your would-be client, make sure that you project yourself as an expert – respond to their queries, provide a quotation, and explain how you can solve the problem for them. Even during the job, show your customers high-quality service by completing the project as scheduled, updating them on your progress, and professionally interacting with them. These things will surely create a good customer experience and they will most likely recommend you to their family and friends.


Sign up with an advertising company

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