Pro Tips: Ways to Standout from Other Electricians

Electrician Contractor Tips

Market research company IBISWorld in their 2021 report projected a “bright future” for the electrician industry in the US. This positive outlook is seen due to the increasing renovation and retrofitting activities in the country.

If you’re a licensed electrician or run an electrical contractor business, you’d be glad to hear that the industry is expected to recover in the next five years. However, with over 200,000 electrical contractor companies across the states, you are also aware that you operate in a highly competitive industry. If you’re thinking of ways how you can get ahead of other electricians, we’re here to help. In this article, we listed down some ways how you can stand out from the competition.

5 Ways to Boost Your Electrician Business

  1. Be online

    If you haven’t yet, you want to make sure that your electrical business will have an online presence. Based on a report from Pew Research Center, eight in ten adults in the US browse the internet at least every day. Getting online will give your electrician business more exposure to people that are beyond your reach.

    You can start by building a website where you can feature exactly which services you provide and improve your reputation. A study revealed that over 90% of consumers visit a website to learn about a company’s services before deciding which one to hire. An alternative option (or you can do both) is to be on social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are your best bets to gain interest for your company/service.

  2. Be more visible

    Another way to build your online presence and differentiate yourself from the competition is to sign up on search listings with advertising companies like Same Day Pros, where homeowners and entrepreneurs who have the intent to hire can easily find you and contact you about your services. In fact, “electricians near me” is one of the most searched keywords on our website.

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  3. Display credibility

    There’s no sense in being online if you don’t establish that you are a reputable contractor. Utilize your website and your other online profiles to prove your credibility to potential customers. Ask for testimonials from previous customers and publish them on a dedicated page on your website. You can also highlight some of the leading industry groups or associations that you’re a part of.

    To add to customer testimonials, you can showcase on your website case studies showing details of the previous jobs that you accomplished. Don’t forget to add images or videos of the work that you did and explain how you were able to solve the problem for your client.

  4. Add variety to your content

    Besides featuring your services, you also want to up your online marketing game by creating blogs or articles for your website. Write about current trends in the electrician industry, and provide tutorials or electrical safety tips. Package yourself as a thought leader in the field to gain more confidence of would-be loyal customers.

  5. Make contacting you easier

    Make sure that you provide updated and accurate contact details on your website or other online profiles. Replying too slow to prospects could mean a loss of a potential business, so you want to respond to inquiries as fast as you can.

    Our electricians at Same Day Pros use an app specially designed for contractors where they receive real-time notifications when a would-be client initiates a call to look for their services. Our GPS-based technology also allows homeowners to locate them when they’re working near their neighborhood.

Get ahead of the competition – try the tips we listed above and let us know how it goes!

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