Simple Ways to Earn a Homeowners Trust

Homeowners Trust 1

The trust element is probably one of the most important sales tools in any business – it creates opportunities for business, attracts and closes leads, and even helps establish a loyal relationship with your clients.

Same Day Pros has you covered in terms of lead generation activity using our unique tools. With lead generation as the first process in the sales process, contractors will now have to make a good impression with the leads given and start building a relationship with potential customers. One surefire way to close those coveted deals is to gain their trust.

So how can you gain a homeowner’s trust, especially with competition also vying for their attention?

Here are simple ways to do it:

  1. Be customer-centric – make your customers feel that you fully cater to them. This transcends to just presenting a game plan to solve their issues. This means that from your content on your Pro page, website, social media, etc. the goal is to offer content that will benefit them, targeting their needs. Make sure that any information related to your business is accessible to them.

    When talking to your market, make the communication not only clear and professional but also laden with empathy and active listening. Make the whole process easy for your customer and make them feel like number 1.

  2. Communication is the key– one way to demonstrate that your business can be trusted is through having an open line of communication. This means that even after closing the deal, customers won’t have a hard time reaching you. You can provide multiple channels of communication (emails, phone calls, social media messaging, etc.) where they can reach you and make sure that someone will answer those queries. You can also voluntarily give regular updates.
  3. Be transparent– even if you have reached a hiccup along the way, it is always best to be transparent. Your clients will appreciate it more than being given false information. It is also best to have a working timeline shared with your client, and as mentioned above, regular updates will be appreciated (don’t wait for your clients to call you for updates).

    Just a word of caution, don’t set yourself up for failure – do not over promise, and always offer a doable timeline.

  4. Provide an accurate quotation and a contract – this should be a standard procedure for all businesses. Always present an accurate quotation or estimate, it would be better if everything is itemized or have a clear breakdown. Clearly explain to them what might influence a change in the amount so that they could also have a working budget.

    Trust us, if the final tab is within the close range of your quotation + a good performance, you will most likely be their go-to contractor. In addition, don’t forget to always provide a contract and always honor it.

  5. Show that you are trustworthy through reviews – treat reviews as a gem in your business, so go and “collect” them How Can You Earn a 5-Star Review. When the timing is right, make sure to ask for reviews or testimonials. This will be like a badge of trust on your page, as it highlights your good performance, further establishing that you are a trustworthy contractor.
  6. Be consistent – consistency is the key to building trust. This will paint you as a professional, organized, and reliable contractor.
  7. Keep in touch – re-engage even after sales, this will make customers feel that it’s not only about sales but it’s because you truly care. One example is to do a follow-up at a set period of time. You can ask your homeowner if everything is still running smoothly on the service you provided, or if there are issues that arise that you can solve.

It is easier to communicate and have a relationship with someone that you trust, and this also applies to businesses. If you are able to get the trust of your prospective clients, most likely your transaction will be smoother and more productive, ultimately leading you to close deals. In addition, to cultivate brand loyalty, it is also best to nurture relationships even after-sales. Keeping in touch with clients long before the project is done will further cement the relationship that you have built while the home improvement project is in progress.