How Contractors Can Stand Out From Competitors

Stand Out from Competitor

Did you know that since the start of the pandemic, Same Day Pros noticed that more and more homeowners have expressed interest in home improvement projects? This same observation was highlighted by Forbes. Some of the top home projects mentioned in the article were: more windows to connect with nature, home office redesigns to focus on productivity, outdoor kitchens to bring the outdoors in, new flooring to match emerging trends, focus on wellness design and sustainability, outdoor improvements to yards and lots and disaster preparedness repairs.

In addition to further beautifying their homes, many of them have also found time to work on issues that have been left for years. And even if we are now in the “new normal”, the contractor business related to homes still continues to flourish with continued interest from homeowners, evident in the inquiries that we are receiving and numerous housing trend predictions in the industry.

High interest in home projects means more leads for contractors. This is indeed good news for the industry with the sales side working double-time to acquire leads after leads. With these also comes the reality that though there are many possible sales prospects, there are also a number of competitions in the market. Leads will also not be distributed evenly, and whoever stands out the most (probably with the exception of companies with loyal repeat clients) will be able to attract more customers.

The next reality will be though many companies, especially smaller-scale contractors, have the capacity to deliver quality work, not all are equipped with salespeople and strategies to keep up with the trend. With these, we are sharing simple ways how to stand out from your competitors:

Reviews are important, get them

With Same Day Pros, you have total control of your profile, and the best thing to highlight is your customers’ reviews.

Reputation and brand trust really matter. When homeowners are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for home improvement projects, they will naturally want to get their money’s worth and hire contractors that they could trust and have a proven track record.

One way that they could assess a contractor is through reviews from past customers. So be proactive and ask for those reviews. Believe us, this is a good marketing strategy for your business, which will help encourage leads to hire your services.

Have leads? Respond to them immediately

Did you know that as long you have your GPS locator activated, your potential customers can easily locate you even if you are out in the field? Take advantage of this Pro feature and respond immediately. Keep in mind that when you receive an inquiry, most likely your leads have also asked for estimates from several contractors online.

A quick response will show your professionalism, and it goes a long way. You will also have a good start in developing your relationship, which could help you gain that extra edge. Take this as your first impression move to win over leads.

Show real advantages

You are offering the same services as your competitors, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to feature on your page of website what makes you different. For example, you can highlight your proximity to your customers, underscoring that it makes business and communication easier.

Other advantages could be adding your relationships with vendors, subcontractors, and more. Assess your business and emphasize your advantages.

Avoid jargon and flowery words, say something real

On your Pro page, you have a chance to say something about your company and services. Just a word of advice, avoid jargon and flowery words, instead just be real and specific.

Use straight and easy-to-understand words that will make readers connect with you. Provide answers to the usual questions that they have if you are in their shoes.

You can also speak through your portfolio, so it is always a great idea to include your best works

Always deliver incredible service and be consistent

Your service and performance are the real tests of businesses. You are in the middle of the competition, and your goal is to not only deliver a satisfactory service but to really create a good customer experience for your client. This will set you apart from your competition. From the start to finish of your services (even beyond that as you follow up your customers post project).

Consistently deliver quality performances, and take extra efforts accomplishing the above suggestions, and soon enough, potential customers will see how you are cut differently from the sea of competitors.