Ways to Manage Through an Influx of Customer Demand

Customer Demand

If you’re in the home services business, you’re probably well aware (and are seeing) of the uptick in the demand for on-call contractors. In fact, a study from Verified Market Research published in 2022, the home services industry is expected to reach $1.13 trillion within five years. Even the pandemic lockdowns in 2020 didn’t slow down the industry. As soon as restrictions were lifted, an influx of demand for home services was seen.

Trends such as an increase in calls and a higher volume of online searches for home services contractors are predicted to take place in the coming years. While this is great news for your business, it also is a challenge to meet this huge demand. Here are some ways to help you take advantage of this opportunity and set up your business for success.

Reassess your operations

Are you receiving more inquiries and calls than usual? Can your team still handle the demand and do you have the resources, staff, and equipment to meet these? These are just a few things you have to ask yourself, especially if you’re seeing rapid growth in your home services business.

Rather than spreading yourself and your staff too thin, consider hiring additional staff or outsourcing where you can. Another solution is to create a streamlined process in terms of handling leads, for example, look out for tools that can help you automate or make things easier for your staff in handling prospects. Also, take advantage of being a Same Day Pros contractor where you only receive qualified leads so you already have prospects filtered.

Make quality work still a top priority

Sure, closing more deals and getting more jobs means more revenue. However, if the quality of your work would be compromised, it’s best to step back and again examine your operations.

Remember, homeowners chose your company among other competitors because they expect you to deliver high-quality work. If you start missing deadlines and underdelivering, eventually your revenue will dwindle and even your hard-earned reputation will be ruined.

Although there are plenty of jobs available out there, it doesn’t mean that you should jump on every opportunity you have, if it means sacrificing the quality of your work. Focus on how you can give what your customers deserve, and you’ll continue to see your client base growing.

Be transparent

If you find yourself getting caught up in one project after the next, be honest with your clients if you’re foreseeing any changes in the agreed timeline due to high demand. It would be better (and fair for your customers) if you let them know what’s happening so you can set realistic expectations. It’s also a good idea to provide compensation to your clients affected by the delays by offering discounts or additional services to make up for the inconvenience that the delay could cause them.

An increase in demand for your business is of course good news. However, if you’re unprepared and it would affect the quality of service you provide, it will surely tarnish the reputation of your company. Consider these tips above and you’ll surely make your clients happy.