Top 4 Ways to Show Customers You Care

Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and without them, a business could not simply survive. If you’re a home services business, you need to have at least a system in place to keep your clients happy. With thousands of contractors offering the same services as you, one of your top priorities as a business should be focused on customer satisfaction as this is the key to retaining current clients and attracting new ones.

In this article, we’ll share with you the top four ways how you can keep customers and show them that you care.

  1. Immediately respond to inquiries

    A survey conducted by cloud-based CRM solution SuperOffice revealed that 46% of customers expect to hear back from companies less than four hours after sending an inquiry. In addition to that, 12% expect a response within 15 minutes.

    One way to show customers that their best interest is your top priority is by quickly responding to their inquiries. Especially when you’re in the middle of completing a project, make sure to immediately answer any concerns that your client has. Remember you’re the expert, and it is possible that the homeowner only wants to understand what’s going on so be sure to explain to them everything. Be honest about the situation, help the client understand, acknowledge their needs, and address them at once if possible.

    When it comes to prospects, make sure you also respond to them as fast as you can as this will give a good impression about your business. Also, keep in mind that you’re not the only contractor that they’re in a conversation with, how quickly you respond to them can increase your chances of getting the job.

    As a Same Day Pros contractor, you get real-time notifications when a customer initiates a call out to look for your services, which makes it easier for you to respond to inquiries immediately.

  2. Accommodate various types of communications

    Excellent communication helps establish trust and will increase customer satisfaction. However, clients may have various preferences when it comes to communicating with you. Some may be comfortable talking to you on the phone, while others find it more convenient to communicate through texts or emails. In any case, you should consider using multiple channels of communication with your customers.

  3. Make it personal

    When a client engages with your home services business, keep in mind that they want to interact with a person and not a company. From the first time you have a conversation with them up to when the project is finished, you want to give your customers personalized attention. This is where listening to what your client’s needs are is key. The more you know what they want for their home, the more you can deliver what they expect.

  4. Keep the conversation going

    Finally, keeping the conversation with your customers even after a project is completed improves customer satisfaction. Some ways of doing this are asking your clients for reviews, sending out surveys about their experience with your contractual service, etc. It also shows your clients that you care about them, plus you can also get valuable feedback that will allow you to improve your services. In addition, this will also help you be on top of mind of your clients, which could lead to referrals.

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