What Homeowners Look For in a Contractor

Homeowners Looking

Renovations, home projects, and repairs could be stressful events for homeowners. With the majority of these home activities requiring contractors, homeowners are of course on the hunt for professional and dependable contractors. This is especially true as most renovations and repairs mostly involve huge spending. In addition, the market is considerably large, offering many options for homeowners. This of course makes it harder for homeowners to make a fast decision unless they already have a trusted, go-to contractor.

Homeowners mostly look for specific traits or credentials to help them with decision-making. And you as a contractor, should be aware and work on “standing out” against the sea of other contractors.

Knowing your target market is the key and polishing your dealings with homeowners will help you turn those leads into sales, and hopefully with good performance and connection, into lifelong loyal customers.

To start with, here are some of the traits and qualifications that homeowners are looking for when hiring:

  1. Clients are looking for contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured

    No matter what service you are providing, it is imperative that you have the proper licenses, certificates, and bonds. This will not only show that you are well-suited to the job and have undergone the required training but it also assures the homeowners that they are protected from potential liabilities in case you are injured from working on their home.

    This also builds trust and the impression that you are a professional contractor from the very start.

  2. Clients are looking for professionalism

    Having the certificates or licenses doesn’t translate to professionalism. It only shows that you had the proper training. Professionalism is shown through your work ethic and demeanor.

    You may not be aware, but the moment that homeowners requested a quote, they also have already started gauging or evaluating you. Your response, communication skills, and timeliness will surely have a bearing on their impression.

    Just a tip, always make sure that you maintain a friendly and professional demeanor. Also, ensure that quotes and answers to queries are delivered on the promised time. A fast and timely response will increase the likelihood that they will choose you as their service provider.

    If you can also go the distance and provide suggestions or better alternatives based on your experience if any, do so. It will also help if you do follow-ups (without being pushy) to show interest in working with them. All of these will surely forge a dependable and professional image for homeowners.

  3. Clients are looking for references and reviews

    The reality is your reputation as a contractor matters. With homeowners spending lots of money on their home projects or repairs, they want to make sure that they are hiring people that they can trust. They will not only rely on you but will seek reviews and references from other homeowners who have tried your services.

    This is why asking for reviews from clients should also be part of your standard procedure after doing a project, as this will further build your reputation.

    Make sure that you have a list of references, photos, or portfolio (especially for home renovations) and ready links to online reviews if any.

    In addition, after each project, make sure that you are proactive in keeping in touch with your homeowner (e.g., ask them if they are having issues regarding your work). Staying connected means that you will also be on top of their minds when they are asked for referrals or they would easily put a good word about your service.

  4. Clients are looking for quality work

    It should be your mantra as a contractor to always provide good quality work or craftmanship as the bare minimum to your services.

    Make sure to always take photos of the whole process (before and after photos), images of your projects to highlight your skills (this is also in connection to references), and posting your works on social media or your website will showcase your quality workmanship.

    To get your effectively reach your target consumers and showcase your quality work and portfolio, make an effort to put yourself on reliable online platforms.

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