Frequently Asked Questions

What is ?

SameDayPros locates home service professionals that are already working in your neighborhood through GPS technology. Same Day Pros is a listing service that allows professionals to put their business on demand. Same Day Pros does not vet, verify, guarantee, or recommend any business, work or professionals on Same Day Pros network.

Is there a charge/fee to use ?

NO! SameDayPros is absolutely free.

Do I have to register?

Yes! We know your time is valuable! So we only ask some basic questions before we reach out to the pros for you.

How does work ?

Simply fill out a few questions and Same Day Pros will match you with up to four pros already working nearby.

How many categories does ? has more than 100 categories to choose from.

What if I need a service done but I don’t need it done the same day ?

Don’t worry! Same Day Pros can be used to locate pros already working in your neighborhood that can be scheduled for a later date.

Do I have to pay for my services up front ?

No. We want to leave all the pricing and negotiation between you and the service professional. Besides; there is nothing more frustrating than paying a third party only to find out that it is not the actual price when the service professional gets there.

Will have ratings and reviews ?

Yes! On you can actually view business profiles, pictures, summaries of services, and ratings and reviews.

How are the phone numbers tracked ?

Each telephone number registered will receive an SMS verification code. Once the verification code is entered and you upload a profile picture your tracking will begin. (Hint-Make sure that each phone has its location services enabled).

How many phone numbers can I sign up ?

Sign up as many as you want up to 15. SameDayPros is for both small and large companies. Keep in mind, the more numbers you sign up the more work you will get.

How many categories can I sign up ?

All the categories that you service. SameDayPros does random verification to business profiles to ensure that the service provider and the service categories match. Getting caught offering categories that you do not service gets you banned from SameDayPros.

Can the service technician turn off the tracking while not at work ?

Yes! The employee; when logged in as a technician on the mobile app can pause in real time when they are tracked.

What kind of marketing does SameDayPros do ?

SameDayPros does a wide variety of online, print, and SEO advertising throughout the United States with the main focus on getting the consumer to download and use the app and website.

What if I have an employee leaves my company ?

You can go into your business profile and switch out the phone numbers at no penalty to you.

Are there limits on the amount of employees allowed on SameDayPros ?

No! is unlike no other app or website out there. Our platform works best when there are as many businesses listed as possible.

Am I competing with other businesses ?

No! We only sell leads to nearby businesses to the customer’s location. Same Day Service lead conversions are the highest in the industry.

Can negative rating and reviews be removed ?

No! The ratings and reviews are very important to the decision process for the consumer.

Why is so inexpensive ?

SameDayPros was developed by service professional in the carpet cleaning business for more than 25 years. We know the importance of keeping advertising costs low to increase your profits?

Does offer refunds?

Absolutely! We have an extremely fair system for making lead refund requests for invalid leads. Register for a free account today to learn more about our services.


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