Frequently Asked Questions

How does SameDayPros work ?

The SameDayPros platform and its features are completely free for businesses to use. You only pay for accepted leads from customers needing service from your business. Leads are only offered to the business that has workers nearby the consumers location.

What’s included in the FREE business listing ?

You can list your business free of charge and put your business “On Demand”. Included in your Free Business Listing are

  • Up to 15 Employees on demand working in the field
  • Unlimited service categories
  • Workforce Locator
  • No setup fee
  • Customers pay you directly
  • Sell your services or products

How do customers find me ?

CallOut - We match the consumer inquiries to nearby pros

View Provider List - Consumer contact your business directly with inquiry information

Do the employees get the leads ?

NO! All lead information is sent to the business and then routed to the employee in the field

How do the leads work ?

  • You set a daily and monthly budget. 
  • If you are matched we will push the lead information to you automatically.

How many businesses are the leads sold to ?

We may sell 1 business, a single lead or we may sell 3 businesses a single lead!. We will NEVER sell more than 3 businesses the same lead. After all, we want you to make money!

If the consumer picks your business from the list you will get a direct lead. (We do not let you know when it is a direct lead)

If your the only business on our network in your area you will be the only one getting the lead! Soget in early!

How much are the leads ?

Remember, Same Day Pros is free to list your business. We only charge for accepted leads. This is not lead bidding. When a lead comes through you will have a short amount of time to accept it. Our lead charges are $5 - $15 - $25

What is the “Text Arrival Notifications” feature ?


Text Arrival Notifications allows ALL your employees to send their next customer and arrival ETA that opens up into real-time tracking map. This will allow the customer to follow your employee to their location. Your customers will love this feature and this will increase consumer confidence in your business.

What is “Workforce Locator” & “Detailed Employee Tracking” feature ?


Workforce Locator allows you to see the current location of all your employees.

Detailed Employee Tracking allows you to see the detailed routes of each employee throughout the day.

How are the phone numbers tracked ?

Each telephone number registered will receive an SMS verification code. Once the verification code is entered and you upload a profile picture your tracking will begin. (Hint-Make sure that each phone has its location services enabled).

What if my employees do not go “Available” ?

Same Day Pros only sells leads from nearby customers. So you have to be “Available or “OnDemand” to receive leads. So, if your employee is “Not Available” you will not get leads from their nearby customers. You can track if your employees are online inside your business profile page.So, for you to maximize your leads you want to make sure all your employees are “Available” while working.

How many phone numbers can I sign up ?

Sign up as many as you want up to 15. SameDayPros is for both small and large companies. Keep in mind, the more numbers you sign up the more work you will get.

How many categories can I sign up ?

All the categories that you service. SameDayPros does random verification to business profiles to ensure that the service provider and the service categories match. Getting caught offering categories that you do not service gets you banned from SameDayPros.

Can the service technician turn off the tracking while not at work ?

Yes! The employee; when logged in as a technician on the mobile app can pause in real time when they are tracked.

What kind of marketing does SameDayPros do ?

SameDayPros does a wide variety of online, print, and SEO advertising throughout the United States with the main focus on getting the consumer to download and use the app and website.

Does offer refunds ?

No. price point is so so low that we will not offer refunds. We are sure that you will see that the leads we sell have a very high conversion rate.

What if I have an employee leaves my company ?

You can go into your business profile and switch out the phone numbers at no penalty to you.

Are there limits on the amount of employees allowed on SameDayPros ?

No! is unlike no other app or website out there. Our platform works best when there are as many businesses listed as possible.

Am I competing with other businesses ?

No! We only sell leads to nearby businesses to the customer's location. Same Day Service lead conversions are the highest in the industry.

Can negative rating and reviews be removed ?

No! The ratings and reviews are very important to the decision process for the consumer.

Why is so inexpensive ?

SameDayPros was developed by service professional in the carpet cleaning business for more than 25 years. We know the importance of keeping advertising costs low to increase your profits?

Will I get sales calls from SameDayPros ?

No! All the decisions are in your hands. No pushy sales people will ever call you and try to sell you anything.

What is the 'Call Out" feature ?

When a consumer uses the "Call Out" feature this means they are needing "Same Day Service' to be done ASAP or "Emergency" service to be done in real time.

Cell Phone Battery

We recommend, that whenever possible keep your phone charger plugged in while in your vehicle.

Criminal Background Checks

Same Day Pros DOES NOT perform criminal background checks on your employees.You accept all legal responsibility if you verify that your business has conducted the criminal background check on your employees. Same Day Pros owners, managers, and employees CAN NOT check the boxes to highlight the background checks have been performed. Settings can be found in each employee profile. Remember, optimize your profile with truthful and current documents! Customers can contact you directly with a Direct CallOut!

Licence & Insurance

Same Day Pros does not verify business licence and/or insurance information. Only check the boxes and highlight the badges if you have current documents to share with your customers. You can share these documents with your customers in the “Documents” tab in your settings.Remember, optimize your profile with truthful and current documents! Customers can contact you directly with a Direct CallOut!

Cell Phone Battery

We recommend, that whenever possible keep your phone charger plugged in while in your vehicle.

Profile Picture

Same Day Pros is very strict on Profile pictures. We use facial recognition technology to verify the picture of the pro. If the original picture does not match the person when randomly checked we will permanently suspend the business from our platform.

Manager App

We developed the Manager App to allow the business owner or manager a simple way and fast way to accept leads. You can accept leads, and view the “Workforce Locator” and “DetailedEmployee Tracking” in the Manager App

Signing Up

Signing up is easy and takes less than 5 MInutes. Simply fill out the 5 Minute Sign Up and verify your email address. We will create and SEO Optimize your profile. We will let you know once we are done. You highly recommend that go in and further optimize your profile. After all, no one knows your business like you do. Don’t forget to Pre Authorize your credit card to unlock your FREE leads and start making money.