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Furnace Repair OverviewA furnace is an important part of many homes – it keeps you warm and comfortable during the cold months by heating the air indoors, and in summer, it helps circulate the air from your cooling unit. Just like any other home appliance, a furnace requires maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to have their furnaces regularly serviced to keep them running efficiently. 

The last thing you’ll want to happen is to realize that your furnace isn’t properly working when you’re just about to head into a major cold wave. Just because you forgot to schedule a periodic tune-up or ignored a clear sign that your furnace needs a repair, you may end up with skyrocketing energy bills, more damage to the unit, or worse, you’ll have no choice but to replace it. 

In order to avoid such situations, regular maintenance is strongly advised. You prevent expensive furnace repair costs and improve the unit’s efficiency and extend its life span. If you want to make sure that your furnace is well-maintained or that the problem is properly addressed, you’ll need to look for a furnace repair service. A professional furnace repair contractor working on your unit ensures that you’re hiring someone who has the expertise and training in this area. This means the pros can immediately pinpoint and diagnose issues with your furnace before they get worse.

Common Furnace Problems

Furnace ProblemsWhat can I troubleshoot before calling a furnace repair pro?

When dealing with a malfunctioning heating unit, of course, the best thing to do is to call for a professional furnace repair service. Fixing a furnace would require expertise and could be labor-intensive. However, there are a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot the issue before calling in the experts. 

You have to have an understanding of how your heating unit works (whether you have natural gas, electric, oil, or propane furnace) when trying to solve a simple issue. Knowing the basics of the furnace will help you identify what you need to look for when something isn’t working right.  

Here are the common furnace problems and tips on how you can solve them.

Furnace making an unusual noise

If the furnace is making a louder noise than usual, check the access panel/s to see if the screws have come loose. By fixing this, it should reduce the noise. But if it doesn’t, it could be your blower or a loose belt. If that’s the case, then you will need to contact a furnace repair contractor immediately.

Unit repeatedly turns on and off 

If the heater turns on and off on its own, then check the air filters and replace them if they’re dirty. If this doesn’t fix the issue, it might be the dry motor or blower. Check the owner’s manual and lubricate the motor and blower by using the right grade of oil.

Pilot light issues

The pilot light must stay lit for your furnace to work properly. If it doesn’t, then follow these steps:

  • Make sure the gas isn’t turned off;
  • If the gas is working, but the pilot light isn’t, clean the opening;
  • If the issue is with the gas, call your gas company;
  • If all of these don’t apply to the situation, call a furnace repair contractor and get the thermocouple replaced.

No power

If your furnace isn’t turning on at all, do the following:

  • Check to see if the thermostat is in the correct setting;
  • Ensure that the breaker hasn’t tripped;
  • Make sure the gas valve is open in case you’re using a gas unit;
  • For an electric furnace, make sure that your don’t have a blown switch;
  • If you suspect an overload, turn the furnace off for an hour and then turn it back on;
  • If none of the above works, call a furnace repair company immediately.

Not producing enough heat

If the furnace isn’t producing adequate heat, do the following.

  • Check the thermostat and raise the setting if required;
  • Make sure the filter is clean and clear of buildups;
  • Make sure registers are open and clear.

For more troubleshooting tips about your furnace, you can review our checklist here. Again, if you’re unsure how to do these things, you can always call a furnace repair near you.

Furnace Repair Costs

What is the average cost of a furnace repair?

Based on the latest national rates, furnace repair services range anywhere between $150 and $600, with homeowners paying an average of $360 for a usual service call or a replacement of the part of a unit. Some minor fixes, like a filter replacement, only costs $85, while getting a new condenser or evaporator coils and set you back to as much as $2,000.

Average Furnace Repair Prices

How much do furnace repair pros charge per hour?

Furnace repair companies would charge by the hour for many types of repairs or replacements. The fees of contractors vary, but to give you an idea, furnace repair technicians charge from $75 to $ 200 per hour. Some companies would charge more for complicated repairs; however, a reputable contractor would provide their hourly fees upfront. 

You can always ask for a quote from local furnace repair companies to have an idea of how much a repair would cost or check our pricing guide below.

Find a Furnace Repair Service Near Me

Furnace Repair Pricing Guide

Furnace Repair: By Type 

As you would expect, prices will vary depending on the type of furnace that you have. Electric furnaces are the cheapest to fix, where a repair would range from $50 to $300. Repairs on propane furnaces start at $300 up to $1,000, while repair services for gas and oil-powered furnace cost $300 up to $1,200.

Furnace Repair Cost by Type

Furnace Repair: By Problem

Here are the costs to solve the most common issues with furnaces:

Furnace Repair Cost by Problem

Furnace Repair: By Part

Here is a list of the costs to repair each part of a furnace should a technician recommend fixing an area of your heating unit.

Furnace Repair Cost by Part

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Furnace Maintenance

How can I avoid expensive furnace repairs?

As we always say here in Same Day Pros, preventive maintenance is key. This means you must ensure that you regularly maintain your heating unit and also have it periodically checked by a professional.

Here are three tips to follow to avoid expensive furnace repairs:

#1 Seasonal Tune-Ups

The best time to get your furnace serviced is before the onset of winter to prevent a system breakdown in the middle of the cold months. A seasonal tune-up typically includes the following:

  • Visual inspection, as well as testing, adjusting, cleaning, and lubricating of moving parts;
  •  Removing dirt and debris because they can damage components like motor and blower;
  •  Cleaning of other important components to prevent damage;
  •  Lubricating moving parts to reduce friction, and wear and tear on the components;
  •  Checking the heat exchanger for cracks and rust;
  •  Tightening wire connections;
  •  Inspecting burners;
  •  Identifying and fixing minor issues, if any.

#2 DIY Maintenance

Besides having professionals check and clean your unit, you also have to do regular maintenance tasks. Make sure you inspect and change the air filter at least once a month during periods of continual use. Dirty air filters can impede airflow and put additional stress on the internal components of the heating system. Also, make sure the heating unit is free of debris.

#3 Ductwork Inspection

Apart from furnace tune-up, make sure you get the ductwork checked as well. A small hole, gap,  or crack can cause a large amount of leaked air. Not only will it increase your energy bills, but it will also cause the furnace to work longer and harder. It could also ultimately cause serious damage to the unit. We recommended that you hire a professional to carry out this work.

If your unit continues to have issues despite regular maintenance and troubleshooting, then you’ll need to contact a qualified contractor. If you find yourself needing a furnace repair company, make sure you call a reliable and experienced one.

You can find such trained professionals in your area through Same Day Pros. We have a comprehensive list of the best furnace contractors in your locality to make your life easier.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Furnace Repair Contractor

We understand that you wouldn’t want to spend on something that can be taken care of by you. But certain things like servicing and repairing furnaces require professional knowledge and expertise.

Here’s why you should give the professional furnace repair service providers near you a chance.

#1  Experience

Not only do professional contractors have a considerable amount of experience, but they also have a lot of exposure to various types of issues with furnaces. They are the ones who have repaired a lot of heating units and know exactly what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

#2 Safety

We all know how risky it is to be dealing with furnaces and their parts. Trying to fix a heating system without proper training could lead to an electric shock or fatal electrocution, can cause fire or explosion, or can result in carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper ventilation. 

Furnace repair technicians are trained and have the necessary certification and licenses to carry out the work successfully. They are aware of all safety protocols and will ensure that the job is completed on time without any untoward incidents.

#3 Save Money

You may think that you’re shelling out money for something that you can fix yourself, but contacting a professional can actually save you a lot of money as well as time. This is because most companies can fix the problem in just a single visit (unless it’s something major).

If you try fixing it on your own, you risk turning a minor problem into something huge,  so you’ll end up spending more money than was actually required.

Tips When Hiring Furnace Repair Company

Furnace Repair Company

What do I need to look for when hiring a furnace repair contractor?

Licensed – Only talk to service providers who are licensed to carry out the job. Being a licensed professional, the technician will have the right training and tools to work on your furnace. Going for an amateur can only result in even bigger problems down the road and will cost you more money.

Proof of insurance – In case of an injury during the job, documents like liability insurance can save you from a lot of trouble. As accidents can happen from time to time, insurance will also help cover the cost of damage that may occur to your home while the contractor is providing their service. Ask the furnace repair company if they are insured before hiring their services.

Business stability – It’s always a good idea to select experienced furnace repair companies as this shows that they have vast knowledge in dealing with different types of problems with furnaces. 

Good online reviews – Always check for reviews before considering a contractor. This will give you an idea if the company is reliable and provides great service.

References –  Besides looking at reviews, it’s also wise to ask the contractor for references. Verifying them will ensure you hire one of the best furnace repair service companies.

Free estimates – Get the problem analyzed before and then talk about pricing. You can ask for a free and written quotation to make sure you know about the cost of fixing your furnace.

Safety Record – Check the contractor’s safety records to ensure the proficiency of the furnace repair company you’re planning to hire.

Satisfaction Guarantee – A company that offers a satisfaction guarantee is less likely to mess up things and leave you unhappy and unsatisfied about the job.


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