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John Buchanan
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Galaxy Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services Company was founded in January 2007 by John Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan has been in the plumbing industry for over 24 years and has a vast array of experience. He started his plumbing career working part time for a plumbing company at 18 years of age. After his 1st year of college John began working full time in the plumbing industry spending the next 10 years building apartments, houses, retirement communities, strip shops, and commercial buildings. He followed this with 7 years in the service industry for one of the nations largest plumbing companies doing both residential and commercial service work such as drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, remodelling, excavation, and much more.

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Our Plumbing services include : Toilets, all drains cleaned, faucets & sinks, main drains, garbage disposals, kitchen & laundry drains, sump pumps,...


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