Grand Oriental Rug Gallery

Grand Oriental Rug Gallery


Our identity is built on supplying distinct high end old new and antique carpets to interior and architectural design community. our commitment revolves around the enthusiasm and passion for offering unusual and exclusive designed carpets, our goal is to make a home welcoming and unique with the right carpet. we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between design and architecture by providing customers with the opportunity to have distinctiveness in their homes, and making carpet a key element of interior design through our quest for the best quality and highest standards of service.

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Carpet Cleaning Miami. Your Complete Carpet Cleaning And Repairs In Miami Coral Gables

At Grand Oriental Rug Gallery your oriental Rugs are precious possessions. They also represent a sizable investments. our rug cleaning system was created...

The cleaning process for Oriental Rugs is a Multi-step process which includes. : Pre-wash inspection to determine Rug quality and overall condition...


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