Lawn Care

We provide balanced fertilization/weed control programs to maintain your turf.
Our standard program is:
1. Crabgrass Pre-emergent with Fertilizer
2. Spring Broadleaf Weed Control
3. Early Summer Fertilizer (50% slow release)
Season Long Grub Control with step 3
4. Fall Fertilizer
5. Fall Broadleaf Weed Control
6. Winterizer (late fall fertilizer)

The above program is based on the recommendations of The Ohio State University’s turf research department. The goal is cost effective, high quality results that are friendly to our environment. Keep in mind an application program is only one aspect of healthy turf. Weather, irrigation practices, and your soil quality will all have a large impact on your lawn, and problems in any of these areas can offset the best application efforts. For example, if your soil is heavily compacted clay, your color will be poor through hot weather no matter how much you fertilize and water. There are also some less common insect and fungus problems that cannot be prevented in a cost effective manner. If these begin to cause a problem, we can provide you with treatment options and their costs.