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When should you hire a local handyman service?

Professional Handyman

Have you experienced having multiple problems in your home that required different expertise?

If you are looking for a sort of one-stop-shop solution, hiring a local handyman who would be able to offer a wide range of services will be beneficial for you and your budget.

A local handyman is a skilled and versatile person with various expertise around his/her belt on different house tasks that don’t require a license to be done and are generally not dangerous that will require a licensed specialist. Most projects requiring local handyman services are mostly on a small to medium scale vs a licensed contractor. However, this varies from state to state, as some states require a handyman to have a license and to register with the Department of Labor.

There are also service providers who opt to have a handyman license to be able to offer a wider range of services and expertise. For those who do not have a license (if not state required), be rest assured that having enough experience and preparation is essential and they have to learn the industry standards – this is why it is important to choose a reputable handyman to do the job around your house.

If you have lots of maintenance tasks in your household, call up a handyman to see if he can fix all of them.

Difference Between a Handyman And Contractor

A handyman is a person who works with his work experience. While s/he does own all the equipment and tools required to do the task, s/he may not have a trade license. It’s in contrast with a contractor who is a licensed and professionally trained service provider.

Many people prefer hiring a local handyman because of their flexibility and of course lower price range to get the job done. They can also fix several issues and save you from the unnecessary expenditure of hiring different service providers for different tasks.

The most important thing about hiring a local handyman service is finding a good service provider. The lack of licenses also has a drawback, this is why we stress the importance of checking recommendations and reviews before hiring. On Same Day Pros, we list the best servicemen to offer their services to you. Feel free to browse through Same Day Pros and find a suitable service provider in your area.

Average Costs of Local Handyman Service

When it comes to pricing, this will be based either on an hourly rate or a flat rate per job. Several factors can affect the bill like the time it takes for task completion, the number of handymen employed for the jobs, and so on.

Average Cost of Hiring a Local Handyman Services

Average Handyman Price

The national average range of hiring a local handyman is between $150-$600 with $300 as the average cost. The low cost of hiring a local handyman is about $75, an example of a task for this is a replacement of a bathroom faucet, while the high-end cost could go as much as $1,000 for tasks like repairing and painting the drywall of a 12’ x 12’ space.

Cost of Hiring a Local Handyman Services by Type of Project

By Type of Project

As we mentioned earlier, handymen are good at several household repair tasks. Here’s a partial list of tasks that can be taken care of by your local handyman:

  • Garage Door Repair
  • Caulking
  • Changing Hard-to-Reach Light Bulbs
  • Drywall Repair
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Simple Electrical Repairs
  • Exterior Painting
  • Home Cleaning
  • Interior Painting
  • Junk Removal
  • Lawn Care
  • Simple Plumbing Repairs
  • Pool Service
  • Pressure Washing
  • Roof Repair
  • Window Cleaning
  • Concrete Repair
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Site Clean Up

As a handyman could take on several projects depending on experience and skill level, pricing can be categorized by type of project with the usual categories being maintenance, installations, repairs, and painting. Note that not all handymen have expertise in all categories and could limit themselves to focusing on one or two categories, while there are of course some who are jack-of-all-trades and can tackle different types of projects.

Repair projects (e.g. fixing leaking pipes and drywall) could range from $75 and could go up as high as $700; Installation projects ( e.g. putting up heavy artworks, ceiling fans, and television) falls in the range of $60 – $400; Maintenance projects (e.g. cleaning up gutters) could start at $100 up to $280 and Painting projects could range from $400 – $1,000.

Cost of Hiring a Local Handyman Services by Installation Task

By Type of Project

Many homeowners need a lot of installation to be done at home, from hanging artwork, installing fans, mounting televisions, adding appliances, and more. When it comes to this task, make sure that you specifically ask your handyman if it’s under their expertise, as each installation may demand different requirements. Also, don’t forget to ask if you will provide the materials needed or if your handyman will provide them for you. For example, installing a bathroom faucet will include the removal and disposal of the old faucet, but you will provide the new faucet to be used. Another example is gutter installation, the price range is from $100 to $300 but the cost would most likely just cover the labor and not the actual gutters.

Cost of Hiring a Local Handyman Services by Repair Task

By Repair Task

Handymen are good on minor to medium scale repairs, but for major repairs, it is best to call in the pros or specialists. Pricing for repair-related tasks will depend on the type of repair issue, complexity, time spent, and the number of handymen needed to finish the job.

An example of repairs done by handymen could be fixing a hole in a wall with prices ranging from $125-$175. Fence, door, and window repair have the same price range of $150- $200, while appliance repair and tile and grout repair fall in a higher range of $200-$400. Expect a higher price range for leaking pipe repair and roof repair, which go as high as $275- $800 and $300 to $900, respectively. Just a note of caution, make sure that you ask your handyman if they have insurance for roof work in case of accidents.

Cost of Hiring a Local Handyman Services by Painting Task

By Repair Task

For painting projects done by a handyman, the average price range falls from $400 to $1,000. Other painting jobs are staining a deck, which could range from $400-$500, painting a 10’x 10’ ceiling, shutter, and 10’x10’ room, which can cost from $200 to $400, $400 to $800, and $400 to $1,000, respectively. Note that pricing usually does not include the paint or other supplies.

Additional consideration:

  • Be very careful with the bill estimates for some companies may have a low hourly rate but charge you additional fees that could add up to a big sum of money. Also, you would have to pay extra for overtime, emergency calls, and work on a holiday.
  • For extensive repair works and those that require a permit, especially tasks costing more than $3,000, never hire a handyman since these jobs are best left to the pros.
  • Also, it is best that you know the handyman restriction of your state. For example, in California, handymen have a project cap, where any task that will cost more than $1,000 are not allowed and a licensed professional should be called in.

Questions You Must Ask From Your Local Handyman Service

Ask for Proof Of Insurance: While hiring a handyman, asking for a license may not be applicable (check for your city’s requirements regarding this) but you must ask for proof of insurance. It helps in case of an on-site injury.

Quotation and pricing: Ask for a formal quotation, which will include the estimated cost for the service that you need, price inclusion, possible inclusion cost, etc.

Materials: Your handyman will most likely bring the majority of the tools and components by themselves. However, there might be some items that would need to be specially bought to complete your job. Decide in advance on whether you want to purchase those stuff by yourself or want the handyman to take care of the purchase.

Business stability and experience: It is very important to ask for the experience of the serviceman you’re planning to hire. Ask the service provider about how long they have been providing the service that you need. When it comes to handyman services, experience goes a long way.

Check online reviews and references: Asking for a reference is a great way to gauge the workmanship of your handyman. Ask for direct references, then call up those past customers and inquire about their experience with the company. Checking for reviews online is also another way and hiring from a reputable site such as Same Day Pros will assure you that you are hiring from a good selection.

Timeline and service warranty: Ask the serviceman to give you an estimate of the time it would take to complete the project and an estimated completion date. When it comes to warranty, make sure to have this on your written estimate in case something goes wrong and will need a repeat job order.

Inquire about same-day service: Sometimes an issue may arise at odd timings and require to be fixed quickly. If the person you hire provides 24 hours emergency and same-day service, it will help in emergencies.

Ask for a price estimate: Ask for a free estimate. Insist on getting a detailed and written estimate. Doing this task face to face for over-the-phone pricing often leads to wrong estimates.

Cleanup: Some jobs can leave behind a major mess, and it must be decided in advance who would handle the cleanup.

Look for a satisfaction guarantee: It just adds up to the chances of getting a satisfactory job done by the professional.


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