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If you’re using oil heating fuel, feel proud of yourself for this fuel is one of the cleanest heating fuels available. It is safe, environment-friendly and more efficient than gas. In fact, when you heat your home with oil, you reduce your carbon footprint in a significant manner.

Even the new furnaces that work using such fuels have longer life expectancy and increased efficiency. While there’s nothing wrong and chaotic about using heating oil, there is one issue that you must take care of when going for this option and that is getting heating oil delivery.

It is tough to find a reliable heating oil delivery service especially if you’re new to this concept. Read on to find out!

Average Costs of Heating Oil Delivery

Average Costs Of Heat Oil

The price for heating oil changes over time and by where a consumer lives. Here are some reasons why the price may vary from time to time.

Crude Oil Prices

Crude oil is the major price component of heating oil. Therefore, the change in the price of crude oil affects the price of this oil as well.

Seasonal Demand Or Heat Oil

If the crude oil prices are stable, heating oil prices tend to rise gradually in winter or when demand for the fuel rises.


A locality with a large number of suppliers or dealers will have lower prices than the one with a few suppliers. Also, consumers in rural or remote locations usually face higher prices because of lack of competition.

Operating Costs

If the product needs to be transferred to remote locations, prices rise.

Delivery Options

There are two main delivery options.

Automatic Delivery

Through automatic delivery, you won’t have to worry about keeping your oil tank full. It would be the dealer’s responsibility, who would regularly monitor your consumption remotely, and devise a schedule.

To access this option, you must have either a credit account or balance with the dealer.

Will Call Delivery

If you want to go for will call delivery option, you would have to call the delivery service every time you need the delivery. Most dealers require you to give them a notice of at least 24-48 hours and a minimum delivery requirement of 150 gallons.

You would need to be present at home for the delivery unless you have balance or credit with the dealer. We recommend you to let the tank level drop to half a quarter before you order new heating oil delivery.

Benefits of Heating Oil

If you’re still doubtful about whether using heating oil is a good option or not, here’s what you must read.


As this fuel’s composition is quite different from gasoline and utility gas, it is very safe. It doesn’t burn in a liquid state. It isn’t explosive. To light this fuel on the fire, you would need to heat it above 140 degrees. Thus, storing a substantial supply of heating oil in your property is risk-free.


Though natural gas seems to be cheaper than this fuel, over an extended period, heating oil is the best option for affordable home heating.


The emissions of this clean fuel aren’t even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. It is one of the most environment-friendly home heating options.


This oil heats faster than other fuels because of its scalding flame.


Some of the systems have efficiency ratings of 90% and over. It saves fuel and energy and ultimately, your money.


As the supply of this fuel has grown manifolds in recent years, it is quite an individual resource.


As most of the heating oil delivery companies are local, they’re almost always available for same day service or emergency delivery.

Why People Heat With Oil?

  • Oil is on average 16% more efficient than gas.
  • Oil is up to 50% less expensive to operate than electric.
  • Oil is a safe, affordable heating fuel.
  • With proper maintenance of the equipment, oil is every bit as clean as gas and electric.
  • Nuclear power does not generate oil heat or nuclear waste.
  • Oil heat dealers are local and can provide quick services while gas and electric companies can’t.
  • As your oil dealer depends on you to stay in business, you can depend on your oil dealer.

Basic Information


Heating Oil Money Saving Tips

If the money you’re already saving by use of this fuel isn’t enough, here are some more tips to save money.


Like any other furnace, heating oil systems require timely maintenance. Make sure you change oil furnace filters monthly as dirt and dust can block the natural functions of the furnace. Dirty filters can also lead to consumption of more fuel for they prevent the transference of heat from the system. Thus, clean filters can give rise to a better efficiency and save your money.

Clean Furnace Room

As the furnace requires fresh air for proper combustion, make sure you clean and maintain the furnace or boiler room.


Make sure that the furnace flame is blue in color. You can check it through the flame inspection port. If a blue flame isn’t apparent, you must call for furnace repair service.


Do you know that you can save 10% per year on your oil bills by turning your thermostat back 10-15% for eight hours per day?


Make sure you change the oil filter at the beginning of the winter season each year and check it every two months.


Do you know fans can pull out the warmed or cooled air in just 60 minutes? Keep them turned off as much as possible.

Tips To Hire A Heating Oil Delivery Company

To make sure you hire the right person, check out these tips.

  • Prefer a full-service provider who can deliver no matter what weather or time it is.
  • Prefer automatic delivery service over the will call delivery.
  • Check if the company has a flexible pricing option.
  • Do they have enough staff to help you during peak demand?

Give a profound thought while hiring. Same Day Pros helps you find reliable heating oil delivery companies. Use Same Day Pros to make the search quicker and easier.


Tips & Advice

Ask For The License –Make sure the heating oil delivery serviceman has a license for doing this business in your locality.

Business Stability –Inquire about how much expertise do they have in this field.

Check Online Reviews and References –Find out which contractor other people are using in your locality. You can easily do this online. You can also ask for direct references from the serviceman to have a better idea about this task.

24-hour Emergency Service –What if you forgot to check the fuel level and ran out of fuel on a chilly night? Would the contractor help you with such an emergency situation? Ask.

Pricing –Check for the market price of the fuel before you go and decide the price with the contractor. After negotiation, ask for a written receipt for what they charge you.

Safety Record –Check what kind of safety record the company has. Dealing with fuel, no matter how safe the fuel is, is still dangerous. Only a company with high expertise and a good record should handle it.


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