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Do you expect your home to be immaculate and smelling pleasant? Trying to clean your home by yourself every single day is an exhaustive task. It is quite tough to pay attention to home cleaning with your busy work schedule and also with a family to take care of.

Professional home cleaners can make it easier for you to achieve your dream of sparkling clean home all the time. But to make that possible, you must pick a right professional. Here are some important and useful tips from professional house clenears.

Average Costs of Home Cleaning

Most of the professional house cleaners charge by the hour. The hourly costs range from $15 to $25 per hour for first visits. After the first visit, the price should come down about 20% if you stay on regular schedule.

The rates differ based on how often you want the company to clean your home. The more times you have your home cleaned in a month, the less cost per visit. Some cleaners offer more discounts for long-term clients.

Basic Information

House Cleaning Professionals

Individual Cleaners Vs Professional Home Cleaning Companies

While individual cleaners aren’t licensed and come with a lot of risks, they cost lesser than the professional companies. But professional companies take full responsibility for the work and are more reliable. We would recommend hiring a home cleaning company for this reason.

Tips to Find Qualified Professionals for Home Cleaning services

1. Judge by the customer service: You called a cleaning company and inquired about their service. They said they would call you very soon. How long did it take for them to call you back? Did they even call you back? If they didn’t, move on to some other company. Only the company that focuses on your satisfaction must be hired.

2. Inquire on background checks: Most of the professional companies have a special screening process for their employees which includes background check and criminal history investigation of people they hire. That isn’t the case with private individuals. Make sure you inquire if the thorough procedures have been followed to ensure that it is safe to let those servicemen work in your home and around your family.

3. Clearly define the task: When you interview a service to hire, make sure both of you discuss in details about what tasks must be done. It would require a thorough home visit and must be sealed with a written estimate to make sure everything goes as planned.

4. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better: If you keep insisting on lowering the cost, you might get that at the expense of getting low quality or incomplete work. Also, companies that offer prices lower than the industry average must not be hired for they deliver at such low prices by lowering down the work quality.

5. Discuss the cleaning schedule: Make sure you discuss your cleaning schedule right at the time of hiring. They might not be available on the day of your choice. See if you can adjust with their timings.

Tips for efficient and proper home cleaning

It might not be possible to hire a professional home cleaning service every time. Sometimes you might want to do it yourself and here are some tips for that.

1. Devise a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Start each room to the left of the doorway, at the top and moving clockwise and down. That would prevent you from wasting time.

2. Try to keep your home clutter free. Insist that your family members help you with this and pick up their belongings and put them away where those items belong.

3. Use a feather duster to clean quickly binds, pictures and hard to reach areas.

4. Use newspapers to clean glass.

5. Use the only vacuum on all floor surfaces. It’s quick to use and better than a broom.

If you want the professionals to handle this work, use Same Day Pros to find a trustworthy local home cleaners in your nieghborhood and choose which one you want to hire.

Checklist Before You Go for Home Cleaning Services

Are you wondering what tasks are covered in a normal house cleaning plan? Here’s a checklist to help.

Living Room

It includes dusting the complete area like doors, wiping down appliances and table tops, emptying the trash, vacuuming and mopping the floor.


Just like living room tasks, bedroom tasks involve dusting the area, wiping down the table tops, emptying trash, sweeping and mopping the floor along with the making of the bed.


Along with the usual dusting, wiping down, emptying trash, vacuuming and mopping, kitchen tasks include cleaning of appliances like microwave and stovetop, cleaning the sink and kitchen cabinets.


The duties include cleaning of a toilet bowl, shower equipment, bathroom cabinets and countertops. Then the cleaning work is finished by mopping the floor and dumping off the trash at the right place.

Apart from these, home cleaning companies also ensure proper removal of cobwebs, cleaning of light switches and the dusting of blinds. The tasks are dependent on the package you take.

Tips & Advice

Ask For The License –If you’re going to hire a professional company, it is important to ask them for their license.

Proof Of Insurance –This can help you in case some damage happens to your property during the cleaning process.

Business Stability – Look for services that have been running since more than a year.

Check Online Reviews – Find out what other members of your community have to say about a particular company.

References – Ask them where they’ve worked before. Contact their previous clients and ask them questions about their experience with the company.

24-hour Emergency Service – would they be able to help you in case you need their service on an emergency basis due to some unforeseen circumstances?

Over The Phone Pricing – It is impossible to make a correct estimate for this task over the phone.

Free Estimates – Insist on a detailed and written estimate.

Safety Record – Inquire about the people who would be work at your home. What’s their record? Is it safe to leave your house while they’re at work?

Satisfaction Guarantee – Prefer a company that offers this.


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