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Average Costs

Average Cost Of Interior Painting

There are a number of different factors that can play a role in the total cost of hiring a professional interior painting services. One, perhaps most obviously, is the cost and quality of the paint itself. A single gallon of paint can cover between 300 and 350 square feet. The bulk of the expense will be labor, and the accessibility as well as size of the space will determine the overall cost for the painting service.

Having a clear picture of the costs associated with a interior painting company can help you plan a budget.

Interior paint itself costs anywhere from $10-$75 or more a gallon, depending on the quality. 

Expect to pay $200-$400 to have a normal sized room painted by an interior painter with brand-name paints.

Having the ceiling painted adds the cost.

Materials Needed For Interior Painting

Almost all paint jobs will benefit from an initial coat of primer. If the new paint is a paler shade than the existing paint, the primer is fundamental to getting the best results possible. 

There are dozens of quality brands available, and for a room in the size described it will require two full gallons to cover the walls. 

Brushes, roller covers, paint trays, caulk, paint tray liners, rollers, tape, fill, drop cloths, and sandpaper are common tools put to use by a painter. Just like the paint to be used for the project, the better the quality the supplies, the better the end results. 

Questions To Ask Your Local Interior Painting Company

Employee Or Sub-Contractors
It is likely that the paint company employee who interacts with customers is not the same employee who will perform the job. Asking about the professionals who will actually be performing the painting allows you to learn more about their training. Asking about employees is an easy way to learn if your company employs subcontractors.
How Long Will The Job Take?
Be sure to ask about the scheduling of the project. This information will make it easy to schedule around times the interior painters will be in your home. Timetables and work deadlines also help keep professional painting companies accountable to their promises.

A comprehensive written guarantee reflects professional interior painters who are confident in their service. Use the extent of a guarantee, as well as readiness to submit this guarantee in writing, as a measure of contractor quality. Many low-quality contractors may only offer the guarantee provided by the paint manufacturer. 

Post Project Inspection
Homeowners should  find out if the guarantee includes a post-project inspection. This guided tour ensures clients that each component of their painting  job is completed to 100% satisfaction.

You may be able to find feedback - good and bad- on the web. How did the interior painting company respond to the negative feedback if any? Things may not always go 100% smoothly, but did the interior painting company make a sincere effort to put things right if they didn’t?  

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